Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello Friends.....I guess I missed
posting a picture or tip yesterday.
I had planned on taking pictures of
my quilts, but things got ahead of it.

I finally got the paint mixed for the
hutch, so I am going out to paint it,
in a few minutes.  I thought I would
show you a couple pictures of my little
Chum.....I put these baskets in one of
the drawers to the hutch and he got in
to play....With his tail where it is at, it
looks like he has a mane like a horse!
I had to put the baskets up, his claws
have pulled pieces off the sewing basket,
 I got at the auction awhile back.

I had to get this one...

Ken was playing with him in this
picture, Chum kept sticking his feet
out to get him....I like the way his eyes
sparkle!  My little black cat for

I better get outside, it is cooler than
it has been for quite awhile!  Yesterday
morning, it was 100 deg. at this time,
and this morning, it is 89, so out I go to
paint the hutch and the ladder.  Stay
tuned for quilts, the hutch reveal and
the ladder for the kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by and have
a great weekend!

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. oh that one does look like a little pony..he is an absolute little stinker...I love him..;) have fun painting..may be buying that expensive paint..cause its scraped what a waste of time...will see..:) have a great weekend.;)

  2. Oh Karen,what a scrummy cat Chumlee is.I love the photo with his "mane" funny.Good luck with your painting in that heat.Wow.I can't imagine having that heat here.It's rained all day near enough.Have a lovely weekend Karen. Hugs.

  3. He is soooo cute!! Love the pic of him hiding!

  4. Love those pictures of your little cat:) Quite a few of my baskets have suffered from the attentions of my dog in the past, he used to chew at them when he was young though he's grown out of it now (I hope!)

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