Friday, August 13, 2010

Two Months At My New Home

Hello everyone, Chumlee here....
I just wanted to pop in a give you all
and update on me, living at my new
home!  Here I am sitting on my new
Mommy's lap on the first weekend...
Don't I have weird hair?  I know, I was
having a bad hair day, good thing that
my new Mommy liked my personality,
cause it sure wasn't my hair that made
her pick me to bring home!

I think I am about 2 months old in
this picture...

Here I am playing with the camera
strap while my Mommy is trying to take
a picture of me...

This one here was taken about a week
ago.....I got myself in a little pickle, I got
up in the only small tree in the back yard,
and I couldn't get down!  My Daddy had
to climb up in the tree, while Mommy
had to stand on a ladder to take me, after
 he got a hold of me....It had rained in the
night and the tree was slippery and he
almost fell out of the tree, trying to
rescue me....Mommy got the camera and
it kept steaming up when she tried to get
this picture of me....Momma said I had to
put my collar on after that adventure!

I get into anything that my Mommy
sits down for a minute!  She got these
out of the bottom of the china cabinet
and she was putting her candles in there,
so I thought it looked like a good place
to take a nap!

Momma was trying to tie the lid open
on this basket,  so I can sleep in it, but
I kept jumping on it and mashing it flat...
It is so much fun to help!

Here I am sitting with one of  my
Mommy's bears.  See how much I have
grown!  My Mommy tells me I am quite
handsome and that I look pretty dapper
in my new collar, what ever that means.

Well, I better go before she catches me
on here, at the moment she is very mad
at me, I jumped off a box onto her back
and I was hanging there, with my claws
dug into her back!  She hollered at me for
it.....then I jumped on her again from
her painting table onto her shoulder and
I dug in again!  Needless to say, I better
be a good boy for the next couple days!

That's all for now and I hope you liked
my post!

Momma says Bear Hugs, but I will just

Give me a squeeze please~Chum


  1. oh are too cute for your own little little nem used to do the same two could have been twins...she loved to be spooned..I miss her so much...I love the places you find to a good boy and you are growing up so fast..slow your mama can enjoy you.;)

  2. You are adorable Chum and I guess you are just doing things all kitties do at your age. You are lucky to have such a good Mommie and Daddy (just like Maggie and Calli)
    I really think you even look cuter than the bear you are sitting by :)

  3. Chum... You are such a cutie patootie! It sounds like you are certainly giving your Mommy and Daddy a run for their money!


  4. Don't worry Chum, when your Mommy looks at how cute you are, she won't be mad at all. We better get off to before we get caught.

    Talk To You Later, Ruskin, Calico, Ace, Luna, Ajax, and Domino


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