Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet a Bear and Down Memory Lane

~Hello, Bear Lovers~

I almost forgot again, so I guess
I am getting old!  Anyway, tonight
I have a Boyd's bear, of course....
 His name is Elmer O. Bearroad and
you can see why, he is dressed in his
striped railroad hat and bibs!  And I
can't forget his red hankie around
his neck.

Below is a close up of him...

He is 12" tall and he has black pads
on his feet.....I bought this bear because
my son loved trains when he was little...
I had a picture of him in his bibs for his
3rd birthday, I don't know if I still have
it, or if he has it....Anyway, I made him
a birthday cake, that looked like a train,
because he loved them, so much....We
lived in a small town, which had train
tracks and the train would come every day
 and stop at the Carnation milk company
to pick up a load of milk....Whenever he
would hear the whistle, at a crossing a
mile away, he would get all excited!  I had
a bike with a seat for him on back of it, so
I would hurry and get him on the back and
off we would go to the tracks!  We did this
quite a bit, so one day, while the engineers
were switching tracks, they asked us if we
wanted to get on and ride!  We did, and we
got to sit in one of the windows and ride
back and forth for a little bit.....Tony still
remembers that and he was only two,
I believe.  It is funny how a bear can bring
back some wonderful memories and a few
tears, at the same time!  He is my only child
and I don't get to see him much....I think I
will look for that picture, one of these days
so I can put it with this bear!  We bought
him a model train when he was 6 years old
and he still has it, it is an HO scale, plus
he has his Dad's train, that he had when he
was little.  It is a bigger one and I think it
it's Lionel, if I am not mistaken.

I didn't think I was going to go down
memory lane tonight, but I guess that I am
wanting to write more, instead of just
posting new treasures that I have found,
you know, some times you need a change!
Doing the same things can get BORING!

We got the back on the hutch tonight and
tomorrow I am going to be loading it up,
if I can keep Chum off of it!  I had a towel
over the base of it, and for some reason, 
he thinks we brought it in the house for him
to sleep on......Ya gotta love kitties!  I gave
him a pipe cleaner and he has been playing
with it for hours....I love it, now I don't have
to hold him so much!

That is it for tonight, I need to iron a shirt
before I go to bed....

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Karen, your bear is so cute! I used to have one like it, or maybe I still do packed up in the storage building. Isn't that sad? I had so many bears I can't remember which ones I kept and which ones I gave away! LOL!
    I thought about also posting a bear on Mondays, if you wouldn't mind. Maybe you could host TEDDY BEAR MONDAY and other bloggers could also post and link to your original posts? That would be fun.

    I also think your trip down memory lane is very sweet. Those precious memories hep get us through life.

    Have a happy week!


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