Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Old Spice Tins and Ideas

Hello Blogging Buddies!
I decided to get out of the house, yesterday to go
to one of my favorite antique malls and look what
I found! I got all these spice tins for $1.25 each!
I couldn't believe the price when I picked up
the first one....The nutmeg tin is a reproduction,
but I liked it anyway....I got the berry stems to put
in a crock....I love to stay home, but I have to get
out of the house about once a week.....And when I
do, I don't like to shop, unless it is at an antique
mall, or a fleamarket.... :) I think we are going to
head down to a fleamarket this weekend to find
goodies, that I don't need!

Oh, something else I wanted to say is, next week, I
am going to start having "Tipsy Thursday"......No,
I will not be getting sloshed, I will be posting a helpful
household hint, for things around the house, or for cooking.
Not that I love to cook, but I thought I would share with
you all some hints, that you might be able to use.
I will still be having "Meet a Bear Monday".......I will
be posting in between, also......So, please come back, I
appreciate all of my new blogging friends!
Until next time, stay warm!
Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Awesome finds!
    and neat idea on Tipsy Thursday!

  2. I use the tins for say Santas bag and put dolls in them or candy canes and attach them to him on his back...;)you can put greenery in them too..or a flower or two that you pick from your garden.:)

  3. Wow-really love the tins-so much you can do with those:)
    Looking forward to tipsy thursday:)
    Blessings, Shazy x

  4. I need to find a different area to hit the TS in! LOL Sure love your finds! I've made some darling arrangements using old spice boxes, utentsils and whatever else hits me at the time. Those boxes would have been hard to part with though!
    Looking forward to your "Tipsy Thursday" - great idea.

  5. Hey there missy =) Love the tins and love the price even more ! I have a few old tins like that and I love my old coffee tin and lard tin. But I sure didn't get as good a deal as you. Can't wait for tipsy Thursday =)
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  6. Those tins are a great find! You sound like me...I have to get out, but only like to shop at antique and thrift stores. So thankful I have a slew of them around here! ~~Annie

  7. Wow! $1.25?! That is a steal-- they are in great shape! I love old tins. And berries too, they are all over my house. =]

    Have a wonderful week my Okie friend! Stay warm... they say we have a snowstorm coming in tonight!

  8. You lucky girl! I've been looking for some of those in my area. Great price too.



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