Monday, February 8, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello everyone, my how time flies, I can't believe
it is Monday already & time for "Meet a Bear Monday"...
Since it is close to Valentine's Day, I thought I would
introduce you to one of the "Bearheart" family....She
is "Jennifer B. Bearheart" and she is 16" tall. She is
wearing one of her favorite blue denim jumpers, with
hearts sewn on it. Underneath, she is wearing a navy
blue print blouse and red denim bloomers....She won't
leave the house without a matching bow in her hair. Ya
know a girl has to look her best when she is out shopping;
you never know who you might run into! Next week, you
will meet another one of the family, there are several.....

Well, I hope you all are safe & warm and didn't

get too much of the white stuff! Where we live, here in

Oklahoma, the ice and snow always misses us, we keep

getting rain, rain & more rain! I guess the rain is ok, at

least, we don't have over 30 inchesof snow, like a friend

of mine has! I hope you all have a great week! I will

start my "Tipsy Thursday" this week, so don't forget to

come by for that. If you haven't read about it, I will be

posting a helpful hint for around the house, or for in the

kitchen; cooking, etc....So, please come stop by for that

and thank you for visiting my blog, I so enjoy your comments.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Hi Karen!
    Just wanted to pop in and say "thank you" for always leaving the most thoughtful comments on my blog!! I really do appreciate that!
    Hope you are doing well friend!!


  2. Hi Karen, just gota love that cute face of Jennifer B Bearhearts! That is a lovely range-I have a few:)
    Love your header picture too!
    Thanks for your lovely comments and hope to visit again soon,
    Bear hugs, Shazy x

  3. Hi Karen:
    I missed Bear I am here in time for Tipsy Thursday...I can catch up on both...LOL Jennifer is so sweet all dolled up in her fancy dress and hair bow. I love the heart on her foot. Can't wait for you to show us the rest of her family. I don't have this particular family of Red, White, and Blue...mine is the one that came out before this one. I got an email they are having a social at Boyds Bear Country...I wish I could go!!! I am putting that on my bucket list...GO TO BOYDS BEAR COUNTRY-after finding a job. lol

    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :o}


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Bear Hugs~Karen