Thursday, May 5, 2011

At The Auction

Hey everyone, I hope your week
has been a good one!  I thought I 
would show you all the pictures that
I took at the auction....This is a post
full of them! 

Most of the crocks went really
high....There were two big ones,
one to the right of the beige crock
was a 12 gallon and it went for over 
$100!  Behind the brown crock is
a little pitcher, it had 2 blue stripes
on it and it went for over $40.

Some of the people were dealers, they
bid pretty high for an auction...The 
wicker chair went for $65 to the same
lady that bought the paper racks.

I think these paper racks went for $45

Lots and lots of dishes, some were in
boxes under the tables. The Fiestaware
went high...

Toward the side fence, you only see
half of it in this picture and had 2 rows
of boxes, also.  There was a table full of
cast iron pans, that I didn't get a picture
of and a drive way full of stuff, plus the 
front yard had a lot! The people weren't
selling out their furniture, just getting 
rid of a lot of extra stuff, and boy did 
they have it!

The picture below is what I ended 
up with....I didn't bid high enough 
on the one basket that I wanted and
the other one, I didn't know they 
included in a group, so I missed out
on it.....I didn't bid high enough on 
quilt, but it was too good to cut up 
and I have several, anyway....Most 
of them, my Mom gave to me.

My hubby got some stuff and we even
got stuff, that we didn't want, because
we bid on a pile of things, or boxes.

I also got an old wash pan, with a 
red rim, full of junk and on closer
 inspection of the wash pan, later....I 
discovered that it had something on the 
bottom of it, to keep it from leaking,
I assume....So, it will not look good on 
the wall, so I might use it for a planter
or sit it on the washer with laundry 
things in it. I got another wash pan at
the other auction, that I didn't post,
so I will show you both of them and 
my laundry room, after I get in there
and get it cleaned....

I hope you enjoyed your day at the

I want to thank everyone for your
comments on my last post, most
of them came into my old email
account, so I couldn't reply back.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Hi Karen
    Enjoyed 'the auction' :) Looks like you got some great items!


  2. Being able to upload our pics to share is such a blessing - who would have thought we'd be doing this 20 years ago? Thanks for sharing - really enjoyed it! I wonder how much cast iron pans go for...I found a set of 3 in an old camper we bought. ~*~Lisa

  3. So many goodies!!!So glad you got the scales, I like them!!!!

  4. OMGosh, made my heart skip a beat, LOL... Thought you brought home all those crocks at first glance...

    Love the scales and bowl you were able to get...

    Blessings, Traci

  5. Looks like you got a few goodies.I like yardsales better.You can grab and go and not get out bid by "dealers".I do go though my dad works for a auction.Sometimes I'd love to know were the dealers get those prices.When I set up I'd be lucky to get $20 for the wicker chair.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. I am loving all the crocks and pitchers in the first picture---the ones with the 2 blue stripes. I have a small collection of these.
    I also have numerous scales so I am pleased that you got some! I love auctions!!!!

  7. Karen, it looks like you did well at the auction. I hate when dealers are there too as the prices go way too high for my taste.
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. I just love auctions! Looks like there were lots of goodies to choose from. Next to auctions I love the Worlds Longest Yard Sale.

  9. Wow! There was a lot of goodies at that auction.
    I haven't been to an auction in years. Thanks for the memories.
    I like the scales you got!
    Prim Blessings

  10. What an auction! Those crocks are awesome! Too bad there were dealers there running up the prices on things. Oh well, you still came away with lots of wonderful goodies!


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