Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Good Evening Bear Lovers!
I just about missed my "Meet
Bear Monday"....Well, by the time this
posted it was after midnight, so I did
miss it....Sorry, it is late!

Tonight I am sharing with you,
"Dolly M. Bearsevelt"...

She is a Boyd's bear and was an
exclusive to the Boyd's Bear Barn, so
you couldn't buy her from dealers.
Dolly is all dressed for the 4th of July
in her navy dress with white stars and
red trim.  She has her white sweater on,
with a flag and her straw hat adorned
with carnations. Also, she can't forget her
flag, every patriotic gal needs to make
sure she has one on the 4th, to show her

She is one of my larger bears at
16" tall.

Well, this has been quite a day, I have
been entertaining a new kitten we
 brought home from Texas, over the
weekend.  He was into things, running
here and there, meowing at the top of
his lungs, if you left him in a room alone!
He was having a party in my craft/sewing
room, getting into things, tipping things
over, stepping on the keyboard as I tried
to type e-mails, or chat!  I forgot how
much attention a little one needs! If he
wasn't in my face, he was on my shoulder,
licking my ear!  I'll show ya Chumlee,
some time this week.....He is a handful,
and fast!  I am used to an old cat that
doesn't bother anything!

I got a box full of wonderful stuff from
my good friend, Gina of Cat Nap Inn
Primitives, we did a swap.....I will show
you all that, soon.

I better get to bed so I can be ready for
another day of babysitting!

I would like to thank those that stop by
and leave nice comments on here....
 it makes my day!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Oh I can't wait to see that sweet little kitty..you know I am going to melt when I see him...have a great tuesday.:) and I can't wait to see what you got from your swap...lol.;)

  2. Karen,

    You know how much I love your Americana bears and this one is no exception!!! She is too cute!

    I love the background decor too! Is that a watermelon mat of somekind or something else?
    Way cute!

    Would love to see your swap, they are so much fun!



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Bear Hugs~Karen