Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Bear

Hello Bear Lovers!  I just had to
get on here to show you what I got
in the mail today!  My hubby brought
her in, when he came home from work.
She was sitting out on the porch all
day long, and I didn't even know it!
She is a Jim Shore bear for Boyds.
My son got her for me before Mother's
Day, but he didn't send her because I
wasn't here and he was afraid she
would be out on the porch, getting wet.
Then he started a new job and wasn't
able to get to the post office to send her
out until a few days ago.  Well, she is
worth the wait!  A big hug and kiss
to my son!  I love her!

On her tag, it says...
"America The Beautiful"
Very fitting, I would say!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. defienately worth the wait! she fantastic and i luv jim shore.he makes the most beautiful pieces .i have a couple and we always get my neighbor a angel piece for her birthday.have a great night sweetie.

  2. I just love your bears!!! your blog is very nice.....love reading your comments...lol..I'am a follower

    Prim Hugs..

  3. How sweet & thoughtful of your son! She is absolutely darling!!! I want one!!! LOL

    She'd look perfect in my Americana living room, ha.


  4. Love your new Americana Bear Karen, she's beautiful. What a lovely gift from your son!

  5. To cute! Love them all and she's a wonderful addition to your collection~
    Thoughtful son you have there.
    Have a wonderful day Karen!

  6. She is so cute! Your son did well! *hugs* You should be a proud mama!

    Look forward to seeing you at chat tonight! ;)


  7. What a great pressie......
    Don't you just love your kids x x x

  8. Oh Karen how cute!!! Aren't you the lucky one. He has wonderful taste in Boyds Bears!!! Congratulations on your new bear.

  9. How sweet of him!! I love that bear! I think she was worth the wait! =]


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Bear Hugs~Karen