Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hello friends.....

I thought I would share another
picture with you, that I have taken.
I went out to take a picture of my
gardenia, that I got from my Mom's
place.  It has only bloomed twice for
me now, and I have had it 5 or 6 years. 
Last year it only had two or three
blooms and this year it had seven or
eight!  I noticed when I was coming
back in the house that the glass on
the screen was steamed up and so I wiped
 it off.  I didn't think about the lens, at
the time.  The picture looked a little
hazy, when I looked at it later in the
day....I went out to take another and
the flower was alot different, it was
not near as pretty....So, I decided to
keep this one and spotlight it and this
is how it turned out.  It looks like it was
taken on a misty morning!  What do you
think?  The blooms are so fragrant, just
one can make a room smell wonderful!

On my next post, I will post my
Americana bedroom....It's like the
4th of July in there, every day! 

Until next time~



  1. oh karen!!!! Thats a buetiful picture! I can just smell the rose from here! I want to see some more pics of your prim house!!!!

  2. What a gorgeous picture! I love the hazy look to it. Isn't it funny how you think a picture is not going to turn out, then when you see it on the computer you're amazed at how well it turned out. Very pretty! I love the smell of them too.


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