Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fleamarket Finds

Good Afternoon, Blogging Buddies....
I think I like these bigger letters,
don't you?  I have noticed that a lot
of blogs have bigger print....They said
that followers couldn't read the print
that well, so they went bigger.  I like it
on blogs, except for some of them, the
letters run together with the ones on the
lines above and below.  This makes it a
little harder to read, I think....I will post
this one with this size letters to see how
it turns out...Anyway, I tried to post this
picture to share with you all on Sunday
night, but I encountered some error and
off the post went!  It was about 1:00 am
and I didn't want to redo it....So, here are
all the goodies that I got at the fleamarket
 over the weekend.  I got it all for $16.....
The bowls are both Munising and I got
a great deal on them, $7 for the pair!  The
finish on the one with the pinecones is not
very good, but I will put them in a bowl
rack, when I can get hubby to build me
one....The real problem is, where I can
hang it....I have several of these kind
of graters, but most of mine have been
painted, so I wanted these plain ones...
They look cute with lit votive candles
under them, out on a patio table. I have
a sewing machine drawer, but it is plain,
so I got this one to put up on the shelf
above the computer with my bears and
the sewing signs, etc.  See that sifter?
I might come up with something to put
in that.....hmmmm....I just thought of
something, but you will have to just wait
and see what I come up with! 

I got a kraut cutter for making
sauerkraut, it didn't have the box on
it that you put the cabbage in, but it
was only $2, so I got it with intentions
of putting it on the wall to put all my
spice tins on, but it was too long to be
able to put it where I wanted it, so I
propped it behind the kitchen sink to
cover the ugly formica back splash....
Works for me until I can get my new
counter tops on, which be awhile, yet...
It will involve a lot more than new
counter tops, we have to move cabinets,
build a wall along the back of the
peninsula, take down some cabinets,
etc.....so it goes down the list...We have
things to do on our house in Texas, that
has to come first.  I am saying that I just
might paint those ugly counter tops that
look like white marble, one of these days!
I want the cabinets red, but then taupe
would look good, or off white with black
trim and knobs...I can't make up my mind!
Well, I need to get out and walk, it is a
beautiful day and I want to get out there
and enjoy some of it!

By for now....

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your finds and what a great deal for all of that!!


  2. Love those bowls, love everything you got! Great deal for getting all that for only $16! Way to go!


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