Sunday, March 28, 2010

Signs of Spring!

Well, I have been out and about walking
this week, so I took some pictures....Then
we went to an antique mall Saturday and
I took the camera with me, so I got a few
more pictures of what makes this time of
year so beautiful!


I hope you are seeing signs of Spring
and warmer temperatures, where you
I bought some black and tan checked
material to make a shower curtain....I
am going to do some painting in the bath
room this week, the frame around the
mirror is the same as the walls.....blah,
blah, blah....The bathroom is all tongue
and groove, so it needs some color.....I
thought I would paint the frame around
the mirror, black....I have a shelf, with a
drawer in it, and some pegs at the bottom
that needs painting.....Plus, I have a little
cabinet full of old tins,  a shaving mug and
such, that needs some paint, it is the same
color as the wall.....I am even going to try
making a rug, too.....I crocheted one several
years ago, so I thought I would do a black
and tan one.....Or Maybe Not!  I have seen
some cute braided ones with black stars on
them, online.....I might go that route....

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. oh I can't wait to see your new bathroom..I am making the same curtain...thank you again for the wonderful surprise yesterday.:)

  2. Hi Karen,
    Those photos warmed my heart. Thanks for sharing some spring beauty.
    Sounds like you have some great projects pending. Have fun!
    Thanks for the comment in my blog. Truth be told, I've lost my blogging mojo for the moment. =(
    Your blogging buddy,
    Beth The Silent ;D


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