Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Good Day!  It is a beautiful day here
in Oklahoma, it is supposed to be
in the 70's, much better than the cold
weekend we had, with snow!

Yesterday, I asked if anyone wanted
me to keep posting bears and I got
some response from bloggers that
they liked seeing my bears, so I will
keep  posting "Meet a Bear  Monday"
Today, I thought I would show you  the
pair, Edmund and Bailey, dressed
in a Princess and dragon costume.  I
had to buy these, because I love to go to
the renaissance festival in Waxahachie,
Texas....We even dress up in renaissance
outfits!  It is a lot of fun.....Anyway, back
to the bears.....On their books, it says
"Once Upon a Hiccup"....Bailey gets up
one morning and is looking in the mirror
and she sees herself in this beautiful dress....
She spins around and hiccups and then
she is wearing the dress....She turns into
a "Princess" and her home turns into
a castle!  She goes to see her friend
"Emily Babbit" the rabbit, who has
 turned into "Lady Emily"...Handmaiden
to the Princess....So, they sat down and
planned an adventure, using their
imaginations!  Of course,  they wanted
Bailey's boyfriend, Edmund to dress as
something, so in their imaginations, he
became their pet dragon for the day!
They are such cute outfits....


I don't know why the pictures are a little
dark, I had the light on and I used the flash.
I think you can see them well enough,

Well, I better get some housework done,
so I can do some sewing, I want to make some
thing with that material I got....Then back to
painting....I also want to do some painting in
the house, since it has warmed up and I can
have the windows open to let out the fumes....
I hate to have it trapped in the house, it is
very unhealthy.

I hope you all have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate
it so much!

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Hi Karen: Just sneaking in here between reading a 50 page chapter for school to give you a two thumbs up on this pair of bears. Yippee, I have this Bailey and Edmund myself. They are adorable. And yes, please keep Bear Monday. I will join you when my school gets over!!! I love bear Monday.LOL

    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :o}


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