Monday, March 29, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday and a Surprise Give Away!

Well, it is late Monday night and time
for "Meet a Bear Monday".......
...Tonight I would like you to meet 
"Theodore" he is quite a cutie, and one
of my nekked, Boyds bears!  He's a big
boy at 16" tall....He is named after
Theodore Roosevelt and was put out
for the 100th anniversary of the teddy
bear.  His tag is signed by the someone
big at Boyds, might even be the designer,
and is a limited edition.  He even has his
own little book...."My Diary The First
100 Years".....I have a lot of bears, most
of them are dressed up, but I think he has
to be high on my list of favorites. I had lots
of dolls when I was little, but I don't think
I had a teddy bear...Well, I have some now!

On with the surprise give away!  Not only
is Theodore for the 100th anniversary,
this is my 100th post!  So, in celebration
of it, I am going to give something away,
I can't say what it will be, it might be
made of wood, metal, fabric, or something
I have found in an antique mall.....Maybe
a combination of any of the above, or
something I have painted....
It will be revealed on the day of the
drawing!   You might have seen a clue
on one of my previous posts....Or maybe

The rules are simple:

You must be a follower of my blog....
(New ones are welcome)

You must have a blog and post about
this give away on the side bar of yours.

You must post a comment on this post
and only this post to be entered....(that
way I don't have to go hunting through
all the posts to find ya!)

You must live in the USA....

Well, I hope I have you all curious!

I know a lot of people dread April 15th,
so,  let's make that day something to look
forward to....So, I will show you all what it
is, and have the drawing on April 15th...

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Hey Karen: I am so happy to see Theodore as your Bear Monday Bear. I too own this very precious bear and see him every day sitting on top of my bookcase in my foyer. For each of the holidays he gets dressed up with a matching bow....Christmas and Valentine he has red, St Patrick's Day is green, Halloween is Orange...just so he fits in with my decorations. He has brought many hours of joy to our household. I love him. I love his little belly!!! Thanks for sharing Bear Monday. Have a great week.

    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :o}

  2. Theodore is an adorable bear!

    I would love to be entered into your giveaway! Giveaways are so much fun!! I will post this on the sidebar of my 'Berry Homespun Primitives' blog but I'm not sure how to do it without a picture so I'll do my best. I would put the picture of Theodore on there, but someone might think HE is the giveaway. And that would not be good. Haha!

  3. Ok, I tried to post it to my sidebar without a picture and it didn't work so I added the first picture of this post. I just wanted you to know that. Also, I think it's great that you are having it on tax day! How fun is that!

  4. You have got a great blog! I have enjoyed reading all about your bears. I love the civil war ones. I would love to join in on your giveaway. I am so glad you found your way to MyPrimPLace. hugs Kathy

  5. Hi Karen. Hope you are having a great weekend. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks!


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