Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Warren Kimble Prints

Hello Blogging Buddies!   I thought I would share with
you all the prints that I have been collecting....I started
with this book about Warren Kimble, the famous folk artist.
I bought a few of his flag dishes, I only got 4 mugs and 4
cake plates at the time, when I went back, they were no
 longer stocking them....You know what they say, "If you
see it and want it, you better buy it because it will be gone
when you go back."


I bought the large print in Texas, last summer and I just
got the smaller ones when I was back in February, to
check on my house.....The frame on the large print is
black, but the smaller ones have brown frames, so I am
going to paint them black one of these days....I am not
 going to keep them on the mantel though, I will put the
pair on the wall on one side of the fireplace, after we move
the big shelves with the books.....I want to do some work
on the walls when it warms up a bit, so them I want to
move the shelves to the back wall and put them together...
Then the TV and other furniture with have to move, so....I
am thinking that I will paint the wall around the fireplace
dark red and the wall on the opposite end of the room, red
 to make the room not look so long......This fireplace is in
what used to be the garage. It makes the living room huge,
with it taking up what used to be the livingroom and
 garage, but it makes it hard to arrange the furniture.

Anyway,  I will be on the lookout for more prints and
whatever, by Warren Kimble....I was looking in the book
and there are patterns in there for projects to make,
so I think I will try some of them.....While I was looking for
his book, I came across some other folkart books that I
am going to check out to see what I can find in them to
make.....So, I better get off here, I have some thingsI need
to paint for someone......

Hope you all are having a great week.....

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Have you seen the Warren Kimble dishes? You would love them!

  2. I just love those prints! You've got a nice collection going there=)

  3. Hi Karen, Go to my blog I have something for you.

  4. I love Warren Kimble also and those prints are wonderful!

    There you go talking about the dark red walls again... let's keep talking about it and eventually I will paint my dining room that color. Hehe! =]


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