Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Sewing/Craft/Computer Room & Tipsy Thursday~

Good Evening Friends....
I thought I would show you all what took me 5 days to
do!  I had so much stuff in this room that I could hardly get
around the computer chair to the table I painted at, under
the Marilyn Monroe plates.....So, I bought the sewing table,
moved things around, took things out of the room and I
took over the book case in the corner, for material.
We stacked the file cabinets to make more floor space....
The white table you can see a little of, is made from an old
treadle sewing machine stand....The table with the paints
and brushes was free, hubby brought that home....I had to
organize stuff on it to have room to paint.  I bought 3 little
 pink crates to put paint in and they work better than
the shoe boxes.

I didn't know that I had this much material,
it was in tubs, like the gray ones you see under
the window.  As I was sorting, I decided on what
to keep here and what to take back to Texas....

The boxes are full of stuff to decorate with, or to
paint on....Don't laugh, the closet is full, too!
I said on my last post, I think it was, I have that
disease called "Packratitis".......Come on now, I
bet some of you out there also have this disease, but
you just don't want to admit it!

This is the shelf over the computer....One of my bears
has her own sewing machine!  Well, I hope you enjoyed the
tour of my room, it is very small, but I think now I can make
it work....

Since I am posting tonight, I am going to post you a tip for

Todays tip:

To ripen tomatoes, put them in a brown paper bag in a
dark pantry, and they will ripen.  You can also ripen
bananas this way.

Thanks for making my blog part of your day!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. I just love seeing other peoples sewing rooms and yours looks just where you could go in and forget to come out again!! Such bliss. You sure have alot of stuff. Get those projects churning out:))
    have a great day,
    Blessings, Shazy x

  2. Love that wrap around sewing area. It allows you to keep things handy. Thanks for sharing your craft room with us.

  3. I see you have the most important aspect to completing any project with, your "tunes" are right there.
    This was neat Karen, thanks for sharing your room.

  4. Wow, lots of stuff! But yeah, I'll have to admit that I do too! As a matter of fact, I took a before picture of all my craft junk just sitting on the floor. It is an incredible mess. Yikes! I'm getting ready to buy some cabinets then I will get to do like you and get some organizing done so I can see what I have and play around! Lookin' good girl!


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