Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunshine Award & Tipsy Thursday!

Hello Blogging Buddies, I would first like to thank
Andy of  Andy's Primitive Home for thinking of
me when she chose the ones she wanted to receive this
award!  Even though I have an award free,  tag free blog,
 I didn't really think I would receive one anyway!  Although
I am not going to pass this on, I feel honored that she
thought of me!  Thank you Andy, you are one of my
best friends in blogging!  Now, on to the rest of this post.

Now I need to post the tip for this Thursday's tip: 

This is what you do if you have a problem with
your drinking glasses sticking together, when you
have them stacked in the cabinet.  You put some cold
water in the inside glass and then set them in some
 hot water.  The outside one will warm and expand and
the inside one will get cold and shrink.  Walla, they
should come apart without any problem.  I have done
this before and it works like a charm!

Well, it is warm out and I am going for a walk!

I hope Spring is coming soon,  for all of us!

Until next time!

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Congratulations! Well deserved acknowledgement, you really are always a sunny gal. *hug*
    Great tip.
    I hope you enjoyed your walk!

  2. Hi Karen,
    I'm your newest follower :) Thanks for posting my giveaway on your blog. Congrats on the sunshine award.


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