Saturday, May 1, 2010

Treasures I Found

Hello, Prim Friends....
I would like to thank you all for the
nice compliments on my bathroom make
over......I really do appreciate them all!

I have been getting things, here and there
and I haven't posted them, so here are
some of the things I have gotten in the
last couple months at antiques malls,
garage sales, or at an auction.  I got this
old kitchen scale at an auction, last
weekend...A lot of the paint fell off
when I cleaned it up, oh well, it makes
it more prim!

I also got this basket, below with material
and sewing supplies in it. I think I am going
to paint it black and rub some stain on it.

I got this material and lamp in a GW store
in Texas, the last time I was down there. I
think there is 5 yards of material. I only got
the lamp for the top, to put on a fruit jar...
I don't really need it, but it was cheap, so I
couldn't pass it up.....

I bought this old box at a fleamarket and
the wooden tray, I got in an antique mall,
along with the rooster....Why I bought him,
I don't know for sure, since I don't collect
them.....I think it was because he looks like
a great piece of folkart.....I need to find a
place to put him....We went to some sales,
today and got several items, so I will share
them with you another time.  I just missed
a huge wooden bowl today, dang...

Well, that is it for tonight, I hope you all
are safe, from the storms, they sure went
through here, last night!

Thanks for stopping by, my friends...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. you found some fun stuff..glad the storms are behind you now..have a wonderful sunday.:)

  2. OMGosh you found some goodies!!

    Love your old box...wood tray...rooster and the old scales!! wowza!!


  3. Karen, You got some great buys :) I love your antique kitchen scale - its one of the things I too collect with the first one being my grandma's. You did great with your shopping!

  4. Ok Prim Sista' ! That scale is da BOMB ! And I'm diggin' that rooster too ! Ohhh and I see that lil tease your givin' me on those crocks in the background heeeheee....Storms got crazy here and we ended up with a bunch of limbs and branches on the house. It did know down the rain spout on one side but that was it. Been nasty rainy off and on all day again =( Can't wait to catch up and chat soon punkin' !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  5. Nice finds! I love that scale! I think that basket would look great painted black then rubbed down. I can never find material at a GW, TS, or yard sale. I guess people around here like their fabric too much. Lol! It's a good thing I get mine so cheap at Hobby Lobby with my coupon and discount. I also love all things wooden... the tray and the box are neat! I know I've said it before but I really like your painted bowls inside the oblong bowl. They are prim wonderful!

    I enjoyed looking at your great finds. I finally get to go thrifting this weekend. I am so excited and ready for Friday morning to be here!!


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Bear Hugs~Karen