Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Meet A Bear Monday


Hello, Bear Lovers, it is time to meet
another bear....This one is a Boyd's bear
and she is 16" I believe, and her name is
Delta.  She is an older bear from the 90's.
That was back when the dealers were
supposed to write their name and number
on their tags....Her name and number aren't
on her tag, but I am sure of her name.
She is wearing a red/cream gingham
checked dress with a muslin collar and
trim on her dress....Under her dress, she
is wearing muslin pantaloons and on her
head, she is sporting a straw hat with a
red carnation.  She is all dressed to meet
her BFF for tea, but she has been waiting
and waiting....

Her tag is tucked in the front of
her dress.

She looks kinda sad, doesn't she?

Come on back soon, I will be posting
the great stuff I got at some garage sales
over the weekend!  I got a huge butcher
block cutting board, copper collander,
wooden boxes, rolling pins and more.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Very sweet! Beautiful pictures by the way...

  2. shes so cute,but does look great win huh,i was so glad to see you won.that candle sounded so yummy :( im so jelley belly .lol enjoy your week.i'm gonna try to get on prim chat tommorow but i do have to pick one of my daughters up from her cheer clinic at 8:30,ugg its that time of year again busy busy busy.later sweetie god bless michelle

  3. Why do I want your Boyd's Bear's wardrobes in big sizes???? =D
    She's so cute. No she isn't sad...Billy Bob Bearsteinavich ( silly name, but I have brain freeze at present ) just as the Teddy Bear Picnic ended, asked her for her paw in matrimony and that look is one of being stunned to joy! :)
    Thanks for your comments left at my blog, you are such a loyal cyperfriend!

  4. Think it's about time you made your own bear.
    Cute as this dear is, there is nothing as cute as your own x x x

  5. Hi Karen, I love red gingham so I think she's adorable!
    Thanks so much for leaving such sweet compliments on my last post! I really appreciated it!
    Best wishes

  6. 嫉妒能使人得到短暫的快感,但也能使不幸更辛酸。 ..................................................

  7. Karen: I am dropping by for my bear fix this week. I just love Delta. She is a real cutie, but I don't think she looks sad, I would say pensive!!! lol Four more classes left for me now and I might be able to join you for Bear Monday!!! Yipee!!! Hope you have a great week.

    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :o}


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