Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having
a great week!  I said on my
last post that I would share with you
all what I got over the weekend at the
garage sales.  They were having a bunch
of them in one town, so after the storms
went through, off we went in search of
some treasures!  There was an estate sale
going on, outside of the town and we got
some of the things there.  They were the
most expensive of all of it, of course.  I got
the two rolling pins and the big cutting
board, there.....The marble rolling pin was
$8 and the wooden one was $2 and the
cutting board (which is very heavy)was $3,
All the rest totaled $7.25...
The little mister that you put in a bottle
to mist your clothes, was the 25 cent buy...
I need to find an old bottle, in some of my
stuff, for it and put it in the laundry room.
I got the little bibs to hang in the laundry
room, also....I thought I would hang a red
hankie around the top of them.  The cutting
board is butcher block and needs some
sanding and cleaning....I bought a little
ladder from a bunk bed, at a resale shop,
for covering the ceiling light in the kitchen,
I got it home and it isn't long enough, so we
will have to modify it and I am going to hang
the copper collander and my old graters on
it....(Oh hubby, you need to find some wood
and get out the saw.)
So, everything on the table, except for the
lamp came to $20.25.....pretty good haul,
I would say!   The little cabinet has shelves
in it and I am going to put it on the jackson
press were my toys are and put some of the
toys in it.  My hubby says that my bears have
more toys than he had when he was a kid!

I want to do some changing around here, I am
wanting to change the living room all around,
that will involve moving a lot of heavy
furniture and a lot of books.....
Hubby offered a couple weeks ago and then
wasn't sure he wanted to get himself in all
that work....I have other
plans, I want to get some paint for the
kitchen cupboards, they are all white, the
trim in almost the whole house is white. I
want some color, I can't decide, I want red,
but then we are planning on selling this
house in a few years and I might not want
to repaint them....
My hubby brought me home a funny out of
the paper the other day....It was Hi and Lois..
Lois is asking Hi "How long do you think it
would take to repaint this kitchen?"  He says
"About 3 hours to paint....and about 3 months
 to decide on the color."
Yup, that about sums it up!  I had swatches
taped to the bedroom wall for months and I
got tired of them and took them down....
Well, it was cold and I don't paint in
 the winter! 
Is that a good enough excuse???   My
friend thinks I am not happy unless I am
tearing something up and re-doing it!  I
like change, hubby doesn't care, but he
likes it when I get done....
Well, that is enough rambling for now, I
need to figure out where to put all those
treasures, do a load of laundry, wash some
dishes and make a rice bag for a friend....

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Great finds Karen and too funny about your husband saying it will take 3 months to pick the paint color for the kitchen LOL.

  2. I'd say that's a good haul for the price you paid! You finally got your bibs. I'm glad for that. When you get your line hung up in the laundry room, I'd like to see some pictures.

    3 months to decide on a color?? I wish it was that easy for me, lol! I've been trying to decide since last March. Actually I've had the color picked out for about 6 months, just trying to decide if I really want to paint my walls red. =]

  3. I love the treasures you found..I have an idea call a real estate agent and ask wha they suggest on paint color for your kitchen..cause painted kitchen cabinets are making a comeback...worth a try..and then you won't stress out over it..:) I can't wait to see your pot rack you make...have a good one.:)

  4. I have been wanting to paint my kitchen cupboards for oh so long. My Hubby agreed to it just recenly. I got alot of paint chips. It is down to four to pick from. They are just hanging around the kitchen staring at me. I want to do this before he changes his mind. We recovered the kitchen closet door just the other week. He was not at all for this at first but agreed and ended up liking it. I posted the door photos if you would like to see them.

  5. Great Finds..If I ever get to move back up North I am sure I will find lots of neat places to shop...It will be a long year to wait but I want to make sure I get everything that I am looking for on the next move.
    Then maybe I can share a picture of some of my finds :)

  6. Seems like you got yourself some great bargains there! like the idea for the ladder:)

    It just takes so long to get projects done doesn't it? I am looking forward to seeing your painting projects.

    Blessings, Shazy x


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