Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a Week!

Hello Blogging Buddies.....I thought I'd
try to muster up some energy for a post
to let ya all know what has been going on
with me, this past week.  We went to Texas
to replace the roof on the porch of our
house.  It was our living room for a long
time, but we weren't using that part of
the house, because we really don't need
that much room now.  Anyway, I have
spent more time on the roof the last
week, than I wanted to! I helped with
rafters, nailed decking down, nailed
roofing felt and roofing, used more
roof cement than I ever want to see again!
There was supposed to be a 20% chance
of rain for one day, when we left here on
Friday.  Well, on Sunday, after 1/3 of the
roof was missing, we were having lunch
and looked through the door way and it
was raining in my house!  It didn't rain
much, though, good thing! I am not going
into the roofing business I can tell ya
that!  I had been on the roof for
quite awhile and I went down to get
lunch, or something......We had a tarp
folded back on the peak of the house, that
we had used earlier, because of the rain,
so hubby took it off while I was
down off the roof, and look what
came out from under it!  We had been
sitting near that tarp on the edge of the
roof a little bit before that!  I was a good
thing that I wasn't up there, because I
probably would have levitated right
off the roof!  I hate snakes!!!  We had tools
up there and so hubby whacked him with
a crow bar!  It is a wonder that he got me
me back up there to work!  I told him that
this is the last time I am working on a roof!
I spent several hours on it, just on Thursday.
That is enough for me!

I just looked up some snakes and I think it
was a non poisonous snake, but now he is
just a good snake.  Because I always say...
"The only good snake is a dead snake!"
So, this is how I spent my Mother's Day
and the rest of the week!  My friend and
neighbor grilled us some burgers and
sausages on Mother's Day, after we quit
for the day and even gave me a nice card
and a couple gifts!  She is a sweetie!

I will post a bear tomorrow night....

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. You are right about snakes..I moved to S AL from IL and am not used to watching out for snakes and to be honest about it...we are planning to move next spring to Southern IL and I will NOT miss the snakes..A lady at the local WM got bit by a rattle snake when putting her pop up on the counter...then 2 days later 2 young boys got bit by a rabid Fox...That is more than I can deal with and am counting the days until I can move away from Snakes etc etc...I would NOT have gone back on that are a brave woman

  2. oh my goodness karen,i wouldve peed my pants and my middle daughter would of picked it she luv snakes.snakes and spiders are the worst for me.cant wait to see tommorows teddy.have a great night sweetie.blessings michelle

  3. oh yuk, snakes. That one certainly looks poisonous. Yeah, they give me the willys. Must've been searchin' out some warmth. I'm so glad you weren't up there. I'll bet you're a little sore though from all that hard work:)

  4. OMG!!!!!!! I hate all snakes! I have the willys just sitting here typing this. I'd probably have had a heart attack and my scream would have been heard all across the state of Texas! Wooooo, brave girl and thank goodness your hubby was quick!
    Take care and I hope to see a bear in the next post! Heeeheee, no really no joke~

  5. Good for you! Good for working so hard on the roof and good for going back up after the snake incident! For a moment I thought you were going to grill the!
    Best wishes

  6. Karen! *hugs* So glad your back. Missed chatting with you. You are such a good wife. I don't mind helping with projects like that but I am scared of heights. DH would probably get me on the roof but then he would have to figure a way to get me down! *laughing* I would of been looking over my shoulder the entire time after finding one snake. They are the one thing I hate about living in the country.


  7. Omg......I hate snakes and am terrified of them. So glad this one didn't make an appearance when you were sitting next to the tarp. Scary!!!!
    Poisonous, non poisonous...doesn't make a difference to me.....I don't want any part of them!! I don't even like WORMS.....YUCK.

  8. My hubby said that it was a good thing I
    wasn't up there at the time because, the
    paramedics would have had a hard time
    getting me down off the roof! Oh, Nancy...
    there are snakes in Southern IL, my sister
    lived there for years, on what they called
    rattle snake hill! Beware!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. Poisonous snakes usually have a head that is triangular in shape. From what is left of yours, I say that it did have such a head. Be happy that hubby got it before it got hubby!

  10. EEK!! My husband found a baby copperhead in our yard yesterday!! So you know what that means! More snakes somewhere in our yard. Yikes!

    But I don't blame you girl, I'm right there with ya on that one! We worked in our yards all weekend for Mother's Day. The poison ivy I received from it lasted longer than the roses I got that weekend. Haha!


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