Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Ya Working On Wednesday

Hello everyone, I have been puttering
around with some of the things I have
gotten and I can't decide which way
I want to display this candle and
wreath that I won from American
Girl Primitives....

In this wooden bowl I got the other day,

Or in this retangle thing....I have to
tell ya that this candle smells so good!

So, what do you think?  I was thinking
maybe a smaller brown bowl, might look
better and I think I have just the thing.

I found it and I put it on this little stool
that I bought, Monday....I don't know if
I like it, I think the stool is a little tall
for being on the table, what do ya all
think?  I think I will put the stool some
where else and leave the bowl on the
table top....I put the little bird nest, that
came with the candle and wreath, on
my old kitchen scale that I showed you
all, awhile back.  I have more treasures
to show you next time.  I was going to
mention to my hubby that we need to
quit buying stuff, since we have so much.
Shhhh, don't tell him that I said that,
he wants to go to one of my favorite
antique malls, this weekend!

Hope all is well with y'all and you
are staying cool!

Until next time, friends....

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Hi Karen:) I like the smaller brown bowl too. Thanks for entering my giveaway and much luck to you darlin'. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

  2. it looks great ,i like the rectangle one shoul feel so lucky your hubby wants to shop ,i call mine cheapie mc-cheap skate lol he just hates shoppin.have a great night dear blessings michelle

  3. tell him after you go to the antique you can get lots of goodies.;)

  4. Hi Karen, it all looks lovely, but I think my preference is the rectangular dish,
    Have a great day,
    Blessings, Shazy x

  5. 知識可以傳授,智慧卻不行。每個人必須成為他自己。.........................

  6. Hi Karen,

    I love the new header!!! It turned out wonderful.... I am in love with the little bear dressed up like a star. :)

    I like the candle in the rectangle box. I wish I could smell it! lol I love candles. I wouldn't tell DH about not buying more stuff.... just be more selective... or make him think its his idea!


  7. That is so cute! I didn't realize you won that... congratulations! I like it in both bowls. I think the stool is too high for the table. I know, I'm a tad late with my advice. Haha!!


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