Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bathroom Make Over

Hello everyone, I hope you are having
a great week!  I thought I would show
you all my bathroom make over.  I really
like all the wood, but it was
blah, blah, blah!
So, I decided it needed some something
done to it, so I got to work on it.  I made a
shower curtain to cover the ugly chrome
 shower doors and I got out the black paint!

Before, looking in from the door.

The little cabinet just blends in 
with the wall....

Now, the cabinet, just stands out!


I didn't like the brushed nickel towel
bar and ring, so we took them out and
we are going to replace the light above
the mirror....I found one I like, I just
haven't gotten it, yet.  I did get shaggy
tan colored rugs for in front of the sink
and toilet. Real thick ones, that feel good
on your toes!   I painted the toilet tissue
cover on the back of the toilet and the
red chest on the counter.


New towel ring....The shelf above the
 toilet, I had for quite awhile with the
intention of putting it to the left of the
door, but decided it would look good
where it is....It was white....I made the
little scarf on the toilet and hanging
on the peg rack out of material left over
from making the shower curtain.  The
crow is from Pam, from Prims in a small
town....I have a little hanging sign, that I
won from Willow Bend Prims, that I put
between the the crow and scarf, since I
took the pictures. It says "crows" on it.

Towel ring...

I painted the inside of the shelf, so I
could take out the drawer to display more
prims, later on....
The shower curtain looks blue and white in
this picture, but it is actually black and tan...
I have a granite soap dish with a cup holder
around here, some place that I am going to
put in there, just need to find out which box
I put it in, first......I hope you all enjoyed the
tour of the bathroom!  I had fun changing
it....Let's see, what can I do, next?  I want
to do the kitchen, but that might have to wait
awhile, we'll see :)

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Until next time....

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Karen I now want to start painting and changing my bathroom out.I am totally loving the black did a great job on your bathroom makeover..the mirror just pops now...thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.:)

  2. Wow-you did a fab paint job! I love it all; so very prim:0)
    Have a great day,
    Blessings, Shazy x

  3. I love the makeover! The wood is awesome but once you added touches of black it really seems to make everything stand out! Great job.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. What a great job Karen.The black makes everything stand out so well!Love your gatherings too.TFS.

  5. Black is in,,,looks great..gets me to thinking.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love what you've done - looks primtastic! :) Come over and help me prim up my bathrooms now okay? :)

  7. The black really makes all the wood pop and it looks seriously awesome!

    Have a great weekend Karen, have fun. :)

  8. Thank you for sharing..good job on the pictures and some good ideas for me when I do our bathroom :)

  9. I love the changes you made. Really loving the towel rack. :) We have lived in this house a year and always said we wanted to do something with the bathroom here but it is sooooo small!


  10. Karen, I LOVE your bathroom re-do!!!! Don't you just love what black paint can do??!!

    Good job!!


  11. Hi Karen, your bathroom looks great! Thanks for stopping over at my blog and for posting about it on your sidebar. I have you down for 2 entries.

  12. luv luv luv it!You did a great job karen.I luv the shower curtain and the crow.good job !blessings michelle

  13. Looks so good Karen, you did a great job, it really looks different just by adding a new color!!! Great job!!!

  14. Wow girl! That black really pops out now.. I LOVE it! I'm with you, I like the wood but it blended too much. It looks great! I really like the black and tan color scheme you have going on.

    The toilet tissue cover is very cute with its prim designs-- good paint job! I thought that crow looked familiar... I have one from Pam also. I just love mine, it's so cute!

    I love it all Karen!! Awesome job!


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