Thursday, December 3, 2009

Old Basket


Hello, everyone, I hope you are all getting your
decorating done....My house, at the moment looks
like a small bomb went off in it! There are boxes
and tubs all over the place and the tables are piled
up.....I couldn't even find the lights for the big Christmas
tree, so I had to go buy more...I guess we took some
Christmas decor and lights when we took the tree back
to Texas...That's been two years, so I have a good excuse
for not remembering to look for something other than the
tree....Sounds good to me, anyway! I thought I would post
this basket I forgot I bought when I got the chandelier......
I thought I would use some Endust on it to clean it and give
it a little shine, after I get the tree done. It took me half
afternoon to get the tree up on Tuesday, then I couldn't find
the lights, so I went to buy more, yesterday afternoon, got
them on last night and now I am decorating it......Never took
me 3 days to do it before! I am getting slow...or is it old and
slow??? Anyway, back to the basket, I don't know how
old it is, but I thought it was a good one and the pinecones
were in it....I paid $3 for the basket and 25 cents for the
flour sack....That was a good weekend, I got these and the
chandelier.....The tiny tree that you get just a glimpse of,
has tiny little gingerbread ornaments on it...I have a small
collection of gingerbreads and so I bought it....I need to
finish it with small pieces of cinnamon stick and maybe
tiny bows, don't know, it is pretty little! Hey Beth, this
bear is Theodore, he was made for the 100th Anniversary
of the Teddy Bear and he is a Boyds Bear.....

Well, I need to get back to hunting bears for the tree
and get it finished today, I don't want to make it 4 days
on the tree! I have fudge, potato candy and cream
cheese truffles to make! Oh, and I want to make some
cinnamon and gingerbread ornaments and dry some
orange slices......Wow, I better get off here and get
with it!!!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Hi Karen...your house sounds EXACTLY like mine! Finally got everything out of the boxes and had my son take the empty boxes out. Right now they're all sitting in my driveway in front of the garage. At least they're out of my way. My kitchen table is covered with all my fall decorations that still need to be boxed up and taken out! UGH! A never ending job! LOL!

    Love your basket find! Can't wait to see your gingerbread tree! ~~Annie

  2. Hey great basket find! I think everyone is a little behind this year...I am still not done decorating myself! Hope to finish up this weekend! Have fun!

  3. Karen are you sure you aren't at my house!! I have stuff sitting everywhere and can't find I hope I soon get done...but I know I'll be tweaking on Christmas Eve!!!
    I didn't relax on Thanksgiving day until I was done doing all the work and then I relaxed and did nothing the rest of the day!!! I was tired!
    Thanks for stopping by to visit and I can't wait to see your tree!
    Have fun :)

  4. Join the crowd Karen........still trying to make the magic happen here!!!

  5. I bet you are having a great time anyway!
    Have a great weekend Karen, and if you'd like a little snow...just send me word, it's been going on now for two days here! :)

  6. karen!!! omg!! i got all my goodies in the mail today!! girl, you are amazing!! i was crying over all the special goodies you sent. :)
    i was simply stunned when i got home to see this big box on my steps. i will get some pics of it on my blog tomorrow. :)
    many, many hugs to you, kim


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