Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meet a Bear Monday & What I Won

Hello Friends, I am posting this "Meet A Bear Monday"
late.....Blogger didn't show the toolbar at the top for a
new post, after checking and checking, I decided to
restart the computer to see if that would do any good
and it did, so here goes! This patriotic Santa is named
"Benjamin Santabeary" ......I haven't really been buying
bears since the middle of 2006, except for the two ornies
I bought in Oregon in October. I probably have about
200 in my collection, I don't know how many I have, plus
I have a couple tubs of them in Texas, that were my Mom's.
I asked DH if he would help me do inventory one of these
days...I am sure it will take a long time! I think I will do
the Christmas ones before I pack them up....On to the
next bears.....

These are Edmond & Bailey.....

They are named after the Head Bean's (owner)
daughter, and her beau.....Boyd's comes out with
a new line every 6 months...Winter/Summer, and
they always have an Edmund & Bailey, dressed in
a new outfit.....Bailey's little brother only comes
in the Winter line, I think....Here they are standing
by the tree with that little elf in the carriage that I
accidentally broke a wheel on.... So, now I have a
broken baby coach wheel.. :( I put the elf back on
the tree and I think he was in the post with the
big picture of the tree....I forgot to post that I
won this bowl of gingers from Sandy at
She even put in another set of gingers and 3 bags
of tarts, that I forgot to put in the picture....She
sure does good work, I bought a doll from her
for my MIL and she loved it. Thanks again,
Sandy and I'm sorry I posted this so late, I
got caught up in my give away! I love them!
They are sitting on my old crock bench in the
kitchen, next to my little tree that I have child's
utensils and prim ornies on....I will post a couple
pictures of that later....

I made more peanut butter fudge today, potato
candy and banana bread. Tomorrow I am going
to make more chocolate fudge with walnuts, some
plain, some with pecans and cream cheese truffles....
mmmmm......I can just feel the pounds coming on!
I will be giving most of it away, like the other batches
I already made. I think I have had my share of fudge
for the year :)
I will be posting some more pictures of the ornies
and my trees in a couple days......Gee, what am I
going to post about next year??? I better get my
thinking cap on....oh, yeah.....Things I keep buying,
more bears, things to make over, shelves I want
to put up, the kitchen cabinets I want to paint.....I
think I will have something to talk about, so come
on back!
Until next time~
Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. HI Karen,
    thanks so much for the fudge, it was a big hit. Didn't last long as my husband is a chocolate fanatic. glad you like your g-men and doll.
    take care and happy holidays.

  2. What adorable bears! And love those gingerbread men! Lucky you!

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! ~~Annie

  3. Awww, all that about Bailey and the Head Bean bring back such nice memories!
    Congratulations on your winning.
    I took a fall on Friday ( I'm okay, just rather bruised up a bit..stupid black ice ) and have been laid up, and of course I have been blog searching, and I was amazed at how popular your giveaway was...that photo of it was awesome! I'm so glad it was such a hit!!
    After the holidays I need to get back blogging.
    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. i love the santa bear. he's too cute.

  5. I can say your fudge is delish!!! It's about gone ... I had to hide it so it would last longer..
    Thanks sweetie.. I have found a true friend in your.. Your blog is looking so awesome.. I'm proud of you!!

  6. Hi Karen....I am enjoying viewing your bears....I wss laughing when I read about your 200 bears....I probably have 200 in just Christmas bears...LOL I am a fanatic-don't you think??? I haven't bought but one stuffed bear this year myself. Do you have a "Tuesday Mornings". They sell Boyds discounted. I bought a good sized Christmas bear for $2.99 there!!! Nobody is selling them in stores anymore :o{ I would like to actually hold and touch my bear before buying....but that is just a personal thing I guess....Off to look at more of your post!

    Bear Hugs
    Carol :o}


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