Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Bear Christmas Tree

Hi all, I thought I would post the tree again,
I had some say they couldn't wait to see the
tree, so this is for all of you that have signed
on recently and missed it....

Ya just gotta have some elves to help!
The top elf is "Trevor T. Elfbeary" and the
smaller one is "Gregory B. Elfbeary" They
are Boyd's Bears and they came dressed
this way. Trevor has metal in his legs so
you can pose him....

Below is a patriotic angel bear is "Dandy Doodle"
& the little elf bear is "Eldon Elfberg"....You
can see the top of a star below, that has a
bear peeking out of it....The little red bear
is a Boyd's Baby Bear...And the resin ornie
is also a Boyd's...

The little bear peeking out of the round peppermint
candy is "Pepper Mintly"....

This little bear in the candy cane is "C.C. Peekers"

I will take some more pictures of the ornaments
when I can and post them.....I know I have put
others on the tree, years before, so I will raid the
"Bear Room" for more small ones to put on....I guess
you can't be very "Prim" with bears all over the
tree, but I love them on it....As you can see in the
first picture, the topper is an angel bear....
Well, that is all for tonight, I hope you enjoyed the
bear tree.....Come back for more.....I have more
peekers on the tree, that you can't see and I might
be putting more bears on it, too.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Very beautiful tree!!
    You remind me of my MIL. She has a spare bedroom full of teddies and she remembers the names of everyone of them.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Karen, your tree is FABULOUS!

    A very Happy Holiday Season to you!


  3. What a fun and adorable tree! Oh my! It is just filled to the brim with bears! I clicked the photo and was able to get a good look. I love all the patriotic mixed in! Your collection puts my collection (of about ten bears) to say the least! LOL!

    Thanks for answering my question. And thanks for sharing your beautiful tree again...since I did indeed miss the first post! Hope you have a beary Merry Christmas! (Bet you've never heard THAT one before! LOL!) ~~Annie

  4. your tree is too cute. my bff and i lve boyd's bears. happy prim holidays and beary christmas!

  5. I just love your tree & bear decorations Karen!!!
    Merry Beary Christmas :)

  6. Hi Karen: Oh my, I really love your tree. I came across your blog while trying to find people who may have Boyds Bear blogs and share their love of collecting. Do you know of any??? My blog is
    I have posted my Boyds tree recently as well and will be posting more of my Christmas collection (Huge) LOL in the next few days. I am a card maker so check out my bear card too!!! It would be so much fun to start something up with Boyds collector's. I used to belong to the Boyds Collector's Forum and Boyds Bears and Buddies. I wondered where everyone has gone that collected these bears??? Thanks for letting me rant and rave here...but I am glad to find you....let me know if you know of more blogs with Boyds...I would really appreciate being involved or getting something started!!!!

    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :o}


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