Monday, December 14, 2009

Meet a Bear Monday

First of all, I would like to thank everyone
that has been visiting my blog and leaving
me such nice compliments.....I appreciate
each and every one of them! I really am
enjoying meeting new friends on my
blog and I hope you keep coming back
again and again.

I almost forgot Meet a Bear Monday....Can't
have that! I have a BIG bear collection, for
those of you that haven't seen this blog, until
recently. I will post one every Monday for you
all to see....This month they will be dressed
for Christmas......So, meet these Boyd's bears,
"Samuel T. Kringlebear with George"......
I had him standing on the hearth of the
fireplace with my patriotic Santa....I hope
all you bear lovers out there, like this one
as much as I do! Hubby and I figured I
could introduce you to a different bear
every Monday, for about 4 years!

I have bears all over the living room
and on the tree, for those who would
like to check out some older posts......
If you would like to see my guest
bedroom with a lot of bears, I think
they are on the September posts.
I will be showing some close up pictures
of the bears on the Christmas tree, soon
and I would like to share with you all the
good stuff I have been finding, on the
weekends, in Texas....So come on back
for some eye candy, as they call it!
Well, that is it for tonight....Until next
time.....That will be for the winner of
the sifter & Santa!
Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Awe...he's so sweet! Do they come dressed this way, or do you dress them? LOVE this one! Can't wait to see your bear tree! ~~Annie

  2. I love his hooded coat! He is so patriotic!! I too can't wait to see your tree.


  3. So cute of course I love the patriotic, he is adorable!

  4. Aww, I like his hooded coat. I've collected a few handmade bears myself. They each have their own personality. Gotta love 'em. Merry Christmas Karen! Carol

  5. Merry Christmas Karen! Can't wait to see that tree! The bears are just so darn sweet!

  6. You can buy Boyd's bears without clothes, they are referred to as Nekked bears! Some have bows at their necks others have clothes and the more clothes, the more they cost! The bigger the bear, the more it costs,
    also...Bubba is a big ole boy and he had a big price tag! You can put your own clothes on the bears, but they usually come with cute outfits on...Also they have families, several will have the same last name and their clothes will match...Come back to see more bears soon!

    Bear Hugs~Karen


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Bear Hugs~Karen