Sunday, December 6, 2009

Decorating for Christmas!

Well, I am barely making this post this evening!
Won't be long and it will be midnight.....I said I
would try to post some more pictures of my house
and so here are some I thought I would share with
you all....I am having a lot of bears on the tree this
year and you can't have a bear tree without a bear
tree topper! This one is a Boyd's Bear, of course....

You can't decorate the tree without calling for some little

helpers, who else, but elves!

A picture of the tree all decorated...

Here is one of the tree posts I told you all about
some time back...Not my type of decor, but we
haven't gotten around to covering it up or changing
it out....The lone Christmas card on the corner
looks funny all by itself, but it is my first one and
that is where I put them, in a row on the corner....
Looks much better when you have a lot of them!

View from the other way....

I have a lot more pictures to show, but that will have
to wait until another post.....I am enjoying the decorating,
but I am tired of it, so the rest of the house won't have
much done to it! Mostly cleaning, I think...Tuesday is
supposed to be a little warmer, so I want to paint that
chandelier that I bought! I can hardly wait!

Thanks for taking the time to come by to see what I
have been up to.....I look forward to seeing what everyone
else is doing!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Karen,
    Love your tree and....BOYD'S BEARS!

  2. These photos radiate coziness and have such a welcoming touch to them! Awesome styling.
    I love that cupboard across from chair and sofa!

  3. Your tree looks beautiful Karen - and I actually LOVE that tree post!!!!! How neat!

  4. I love your tree and I actually like the post! :D


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