Thursday, November 4, 2010

Decorating With Nature

Hello everyone....

I thought I would show you a couple 
pictures of our outside decorating, 
compliments of Mother Nature!

We had a rain storm and man, the 
needles came down off the pine trees!
Hubby gets on the mower and mows
them into rows, like this and then he
picks them up and burns them in the 
fire pit.  This is just part of the back 
yard...He got most of them cleaned up 
and it rained again, and down came some 
more!  I know he will be glad when he
doesn't have to do all the yard work, he
will be able to sit inside and read. He
likes the yard to look nice, so between
the pine needles, pine cones and other 
things that fall, it keeps him busy!  
We have 17 pine trees, that are about 
40 ft. tall, around the yard, they are 
good shade trees, but are pretty messy!

I guess I had better go dust, so I can 
show you all, what little indoor Fall
decorating, I have done, before I 
have to start decorating for Christmas!
It is hard to believe, that Christmas is 
not far off, it just cooled off, here!

Welcome to my new followers!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. HI Karen - Just wanted to say thanks for entering my giveaway - don't forget to post the giveaway link on your sidebar, so I can count another chance for you.


  2. That is a whole lot of needles. It must smell divine!
    If I don't "see" you before then, have a great weekend Karen! :)

  3. wow Karen thats a lot of needles !!!! I can't believe Christmas is as close as it is ! I am NOT mentally prepared for it I tell ya lol...

  4. Wow! That's pine needles?? I thought you all were baling hay in your yard, lol! My hubby would go nuts too. He is a clean yard freak. We have huge oak trees in our yard. The millions of nuts drive me crazy and they can't be mowed like pine needles. You do have a beautiful yard!


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