Monday, November 8, 2010

Ornie # 4 and # 5

Hello everyone! 
I thought I had better get 
on here and post ornie # 4 and 5, 
that Brenda, of the Rusty Thimble
is giving away, as part of her 12
ornament give away!  She is one
generous person!


So, if you haven't signed up 
to win her fantastic, handmade
ornies, what ya waiting for?
Click here to go to her blog....

I have been gone, we went to work 
on our house, in Texas.....Time if 
flying by and we want to get some 
things done, before it gets too cold.
 We just got back, this afternoon and 
I have a lot of things to do, around 
here....I can tell ya one thing, Chum 
does not like riding in the van!  He 
will have to get used to it, though.

I have been reading blogs, tonight and
it looks like shops are having open
houses earlier, every year.  It goes from
Halloween, straight to Christmas!  I 
guess it doesn't matter, as fast time 
seems to be flying by, it will only seem 
like 3 weeks and Christmas will be
up on us!

I hope you all had a great weekend, I 
know I would have rather gone to the
flea market, instead of raking  leaves!

Last weekend, when I was at the flea 
market, I got an old ammo box, that I
will post and today, I got an old rolling
pin.  Let me tell ya, it is huge!  My 
hubby asked if I was buying it to use on
him!  LOL....I told him that I would 
never do that to him...(I think that made
him feel better about carrying it to the 
van)....LOL....Still makes me chuckle!

Well, that is it for me, tonight....

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

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  1. Hey Karen, I haven't been on here much either. If the wind blew in your part of Texas like it did here yesterday and again this morning you will have even more leaves to rake. 8-) Have a great day!!


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