Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sneak Peek Of My Give Away!

Here's a sneak peek of something
I am giving away!  If you read my
blog a year ago, then you have seen
this!  You will be getting one similar
to this one. I bet my newer followers 
can guess what it is!  Anyway, you 
can sign up on this post or on the 
one that I show you, what you will 
win! I appreciate all those that
have hung in there with me, it has
been a lot of fun!  I have met some
wonderful friends since I started
blogging, last year, not in person,
but I feel like I have known some 
of you for a long time! I sure do
appreciate you all, so much and I 
am grateful that you read my blog!

Now for your sneak peek!  

The rules are as follows:

 You must be a follower of my blog and 
live in the USA to enter. (New followers 
are welcome to sign on and enter.) You 
do not have to have a blog, to enter. If 
you do not have one, please leave me your 
e-mail address in your comment, or e-mail 
it to me, you can e-mail me from my 
sidebar. Please put "Address for Give 
Away" in the subject line. I will need a way 
to contact you, if you are the lucky winner.

How to get entries.

1 . Leave me a comment telling me you are 
a follower and that you would like to be 
entered for a chance. 

2. Post this picture on your sidebar and 
link it back to my blog, for another chance 
and tell me, so I will know that you did. 

3. Post this on your Facebook wall for 
another chance and tell me, so I will 
know that you did.
4. If you are a member of Prim Pals 
Forum, let me know for another chance.

 5. Tell me your favorite thing about 
Christmas, for another chance.

6. If you do a post about it, besides
putting it on your sidebar, you get 
another chance, just let me know.

I have almost  200 followers, if I go 
over 200, I will be putting something
else in for the winner.  If I reach 225, 
I will draw a second name to win 

The more followers I get, the more
the winners will receive!  I will post
a picture of what I add, also....That 
way you will see what I am adding.

I will be posting a whole picture of 
what the winner will receive,
next week, so for now you will have 
to settle for the sneak peek picture!

Sign ups will be accepted through 
Dec. 8th and the drawing will be
at Noon on the 9th of December. 

Good Luck to all of you!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Karen, I'm a follower will post on my sidebar
    of my Blog as well,What I Love about Christmas
    Celebration of gathering with family,and close
    dear friends,Handmade gifts,Refresh baked cookies in the oven,

    Warm Winter Blessings
    for email address

  2. Karen~ I'm a follower..Posted on my blog..I'm a member of prim pals forum..I love it when it snows for christmas especially if we can go sledding..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. well you know I am a follower and am on primpals site too..I will also post this on my side for the favorite thing about christmas.I love to bake goodies and take them to the neighbors and friends..I love seeing everyones christmas decor too..I am going to decorate tomorrow..;) have a great weekend;)

  4. Hi Karen!
    I would LOVE to be entered into your wonderful giveaway!
    1. I've been a follower for a very long time :)
    2. I've posted on my sidebar (Krazy Kraft Lady)
    3. My favorite thing about Christmas is Christmas Eve, when my family gathers at my house and we open gifts to and from each other. It's been a tradition for many years and one my kids don't want to see changed.

  5. Hi Karen - Love your giveaway (I'm also anxious to see what other goodies you will include). 1.Please include me in the drawing. I am already a follower;
    2.I will post on my sidebar;
    3. I will post on my business FB page, Ravenwood Whimzies Primitive & Country Crafts;
    4. I am a member of the Prim Pals forum;
    5. My favorite thing about Christmas is Midnight Mass...everything seems magical..and hopefully it will be snowing when we come out of the church!
    Thanks again!

  6. Hey Karen, you know I am a follower, I am on Prim Pals, I will post on my sidebar and will post about the giveaway on my blog, and I have so many favorites about Christmas it is hard to pick one but since right now I am listening to Christmas carols I'll say that is my favorite at the moment. So that is five chances, don't have facebook.
    Love your new header picture.

  7. Hi Karen,
    ~I would LOVE to be entered.

    ~I am a follower of your blog.

    ~I have posted about the Giveaway on my sidebar.

    ~I am a member of Prim Pals Forum.

    Thanks so much,

  8. Merry Christmas season to you, Karen!
    1. I am a follower and I am looking forward to having one of your handmade goodies!
    2. I am posting on my sidebar.
    3. I am posting on Facebook.
    4. I am a member of Prim Pals forum.
    5. My favorite thing about Christmas is that my whole family gets together for the day! We all bring food. We eat several meals. We open gifts. We play Yahtzee and Bingo. We take pictures. The guys watch football and the girls play Christmas music while share stories about their kids. We have a fire in the fireplace and lots of good candies and cookies. It really is the best day of the year!
    Linda :)

  9. Hello Karen Please sign me up
    I follow
    I will add to my sidebar
    I will post on my facebook wall
    I am a member of Primpals I will be glad when I slow down a bit so I can visit groups again LOL
    I love the thought of being with Family at Christmas just the joy of seeing those we do not get to see all the time.

  10. I love following your blog and appreciate the chance to win your great giveaway!

  11. Karen, Sign me up girl! I am a Prim Pals member. And I will be posting this on my blog side bar. Oh, and I follow your blog. Hope I win!


  12. I would love to be entered in your giveaway!
    These are my entries
    1. I am a follower
    2. I am a member of Prim Pals forum
    3. I will post this on my sidebar
    4. my favorite thing about Christmas is on Christmas Eve our whole family (Moms, Dad, kids & grandkids) all come to our house for a big dinner. Then we all gather around the tree to open presents. Santa has made a visit to our home for the last 4 years too.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    could I make an observation?
    The black print is very difficult for me to read on your blog.

  13. Hey Karen, I found your blog on The Rusty Thimble. I would love to be included in the drawing. I just became a new follower. I have a fond memory of Christmas, the last one we got to spend with our son. The whole family was together, it was wonderful.Tnwoman

  14. I'm a follower! Please include me in the contest!

  15. 1. I am a follower :)

    5. My favorite thing about Christmas is decorating my home for all to see!


  16. Hi!
    1. I am a follower and would LOVE to be entered!
    2.I will post the pic on my sidebar!
    3.FB wall has a post! (Tracie Luquire)
    4.I am a newbie that just joined PrimPals about 2 weeks ago (flutterby29646)
    5. My favorite thing about Christmas is the decorating!!! I love using lights all over! I have so many little vignettes all over the house! So sweet to look at!
    Thank you SOOO much again!!!!

  17. Hi Karen! I would love to be entered in your drawing. Thank you for so many chances to win too!

    1. I am a follower of your blog. :)
    2. I have posted on my blog's sidebar.
    3. I have also posted on my wall in Facebook.
    4. I am definitely a member of Prim Pals.
    5. My favorite thing about Christmas is watching my grandson, who just turned 3, discover all the joys of the season and spending the time with him and the rest of my family.
    6. I have also done a post on my blog.

    Thank you for hosting a great giveaway and I hope you reach 225 followers!


  18. Hi Karen! hope you are doing well today. Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway-I'm already a follower and I will attempt to post on my side bar-I always have trouble whenever I try to add a giveaway, but I will post on my blog!
    I love spending time with family and friends during the holidays, sharing precious time together and embracing the true Spirit of Christmas by celebrating the birth of our Savior!
    Hugz to you~

  19. Hi Karen. Please enter me in your giveaway. I am a follower and I'll post on my sidebar. My favorite thing about Christmas is getting together with family.

  20. OMGoodness...I love what I see, and I only see a peek!!
    1.) I am a follower
    2.) I am posting it to my sidebar
    3.) I love the food...(LOL!) at Christmas time and the decorating!

  21. HI, I love give=aways, please enter me. I am a follower, a prim pal forum, member and I will post on my sidebar. Thanks.

  22. Hi Karen,
    I am a new follower and would love to be entered in your giveaway.(1) I have added you to my blog sidebar (1) My favorite thing at Christmas is driving around looking at the lights and displays in peoples yards. (1)
    Prim Blessings,

  23. Hi Karen, I have become a follower. Thanks for reading my little blog. Please sign me up for your give away.

  24. Hi Karen,
    I would love a chance to win your blog giveaway!

    I am a follower,

    I have posted/linked this giveaway on my sidebar

    I am a member of the prim pals forum, although I don't post often as I am not very familiar with forums

    My favorite thing about Christmas (besides the decorating) is that my family comes here to celebrate with us and I love having my mom and in-laws all here with my husband and kids! We have a great time!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Be sure to check out my giveaway on 12/1~

  25. Hi Karen, thank you for the mystery giveaway!

    I am a follower.

    There's so much I love about Christmas! Worshiping our Savior, decorating, baking, spending more time with family and friends, and helping people who need us are my top favorites. The whole month of December feels special.

  26. I would love to be entered in your giveaway I am a follower and I will post this on my sidebar. I am a member of prim pals forum.

  27. Hello - I just became a follower & added you to My Yahoo as well so I can see updates there :) Please enter me for 2 chnaces to win your give-away...1 for this post & also because I will tell you what I love most about Christmas...the anticipation! That magical feeling that's in the air from Thanksgiving on! It comes from Christmas music in the stores, twinkling lights at night, the falling temps outside, cookies baking & being frosted, special programs on TV, the Salvation Army's kettles...all those things & more! I enjoy these special moments!
    Smiles, DianeM :)

  28. I just approved your account on Prim Pals
    forum Diane, so you get another entry for
    being a member of Prim Pals! Welcome to
    my blog and also, the forum!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  29. Hi Karen!

    I am a follower and a member of the Prim Pals forum. My favorite part of Christmas is celebrating the birth of our King, Jesus, and knowing that He came to earth to pay the price so that we can spend eternity in Heaven!


  30. Hi Karen, I found your blog by way of The Rusty Thimble. I am a new follower and would love to be entered in your drawing. I am a prim pal member. The best thng about Christmas is getting together with family and friends. I also love all the decorating...It gives our home a warm feeling on those cold days and nights. I believe that is three chances. Thank you for sharing....Maureen

  31. Hi Karen, I'm a follower fo your blog and enjoy it so much. I'm also a member of Prim Pals and I"ll post you on my blog. There are so many favorite things about Christmas, the birth of Jesus and the feeling of goodwill and sharing and giving that comes with Christmas is probably my favorite thing. Other things I love are the memories of Christmases past, bubble lights, Christmas music, the smell of Christmas, and all the yummy goodies, but most of all I love being with my children and grandchildren.

  32. Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Seems like we are both hoping to reach 200 followers for our blog give aways.

    I am now a follower on your blog and I would love for you to enter me in your give away.
    Good luck reaching your goal!


  33. Hi Karen, please enter me in your giveaway.
    I am a follower
    I am posting it on my sidebar
    I am posting it on my facebook
    I am a member of prim pals
    My favorite thing about Christmas is having all my family together to celebrate the occasion.
    Thanks for such a great giveaway, Valerie

  34. Hi Karen Sweetie...
    I am Country Wings in Phoenix. Your newest follower. I love meeting new friends, and what a beautiful blog home you have. I love the little red bird and the bell in our sneak peek. So cute sweet friend.

    I have posted your giveaway on my sidebar. I love sharing with my blogger friends.

    My favorite thing about Christmas is the spirit that it gives to all of our hearts at the holiday season. It's the giving of each others hearts and not worrying about getting. Yes I love the Christmas spirit, at the holiday.

    What a wonderful giveaway sweet friend. Please stop by and say hi. I would be so honored if you signed up to follow my blog home as well. I love meeting new friends and sharing with them. Have a gorgeous day sweetie.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  35. Hi Karen..Oooooooh I love a good tease!!! Please enter me in your Giveaway.I will post it in my sidebar..I am not a member of Prim pals...but I am a follower pf your blog.

  36. Hi Karen, I would love for my name to be entered into your drawing. That sifter is awesome, it would make a great B-Day gift ;), mines the 8th, LOL....
    1. I am already a follower of your blog
    2. My favorite thing (s) about Christmas are: our traditional Christmas Eve Dinner, watching Maygan face on Christmas morning and giving gifts (especially the homemade ones).

  37. Hi Karen,

    I would love to be entered! What a beautiful display! Great Job!

    1)I am a follower
    2)I will post on my side bar
    3)I am also a Prim Pals Member
    4)My Favorite thing about Christmas is Family and friends I never see except Christmas Eve!

    Happy Holidays! =)

  38. Hi Karen, You do GREAT work.
    1. I am a follower
    2. I lefted a comment
    3. My favorite thing about Christmas is being al together for this wonderful day of the year, everyone being more kind to each other and I just WISH that it was like that all the time!!!! Seeing my loved ones, sons and my Husband opening their gifts, that is MY GIFT!!!! To make mt family's day!!!!!! Baking and cooking as well!
    I love your blog and you are so creative, so there are 3 chances!!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Prim Blessings,
    Tricia and the whole Mcnally Family!!!!

  39. I love your giveaway, I am a follower, please enter me in your contest. I will post it on my sidebar.
    I love the giving and love that people have at Christmas, and sharing that with friends and family.

  40. I'm follower 221. You're getting close to your goal. Your arrangement is so festive.

    Please enter me!


  41. My favorite thing about Christmas is the way it brings back memories of my childhood and inspires me to make memories with my children.


  42. Hello Karen! I'm a follower for sure!! How delightful and I want to enter. My memories of Christmas are of my mother playing the piano and the aromas of fresh baked yeast rolls filtering around the house.
    Mel's Cabin

  43. Hi Karen, I just became a follower. I enjoyed reading your info at the side. I've often thought I was born in the wrong century also.
    My favorite thing about Christmas is Christmas morning with my girls (10 and 14).
    Love your work.
    Merry Christmas!

  44. Hey Karen,
    I'm a follower and a Prim Pal. Sorry I don't have a side bar so I can't put it there. But if I can figure out how to post it on FB I will. My favorite Christmas memory is the time spent with family and friends.

  45. Hello! I am a new follower. My favorite thing about Christmas is the decorating and trying new recipes. I do love being with my family as well. Thanks so much for a chance to win! I plan to try to post on my blog and sidebar and well as facebook.

    Christina Wilson

  46. Hi, I just found your blog and became your newest follower! I would love to be entered in your generous giveaway!

  47. I am a follower of your blog and would love to be entered!
    jenn14_85 at yahoo dot com

  48. What i love most about Christmas time is spending time with family! :)

  49. Please enter me in your giveaway. I'm a new follower. I love wrapping all the gifts and seeing them under the tree.
    Lois L.

  50. Hi!. Looks like it's going to be a fun giveaway! Please enter me for 2! For following and my favorite thing about christmas is just enjoying everything about the season!!! I love it all!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  51. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    1. I am a follower am looking forward to a chance to win this giveaway!
    2. I am posting your giveaway on my sidebar.
    3. My favorite things about Christmas are all the cookies and great meals shared with my family. Laughing with them and eveery Christmas eve we watch George C Scott in the Christmas Carol.

  52. 1.I am a follower # 225! Congrats on all of your great blogging!
    2. I would be thrilled to win!
    3. I love making things for my family and friends for the holidays!

    Thanks so much and happy holidays! ♥♥♥

  53. Hi I am a follower of your blog-jelaws5 and would love to entered in
    thanksj for the giveaway

  54. I live out of state from my mom/sis/family.Every year we go home for Christmas-that's my favorite thing :)

  55. Happy Holidays and thank you for the sweet giveaway.
    1. I am a follower and would love to be entered into the drawing.
    2. I have your pic. linked up in my sidebar
    3. My favorite thing about Christmas is getting together with the family so I can spend time with all of the younger children. The children are always what makes me smile the mostest.
    visionquest2020 AT msn DOT com


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