Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I finally am getting around to post
my decorating for Fall....I thought I
had better get it done before I 
decorate for Christmas, which is 
coming on FAST!  I am not going to
decorate for Christmas, until after 
Thanksgiving weekend.... 

 This is on the little hutch that we made
to cover the gas heater.  I got the bear
tea light holder awhile back at the flea
market.  I know it isn't prim, but I am 
a bear collector, as you all know.

 I got the big spray of leaves, pinecones
and pods at a garage sale, in fact, I got
two of them and this one covers the 
electrical outlet.

I bought this stuff in a bowl in a bag,
when I got home with it, I discovered 
that it is all fake!  Smelled good for 
awhile....I will have to add some scent
to it....

This is all on the dining room table, I 
keep having to move it back, when I 
want to take pictures  of something

I have shown this picture of the fireplace,

The hutch, that I made over....It has the
pumpkins and an angel, that I got from 
Beryl, of Southern Blessings, in a swap.

 A close up of the bear with the pumpkins..

I received some bittersweet from my MIL,
but I decided not to put it out, because 
Chum gets into EVERY THING!   He
has been tearing up plants, sleeping in the
top of one, too....I thought I had better
keep the bittersweet packed up, even 
though I wanted to put some up on the
fireplace, which is pretty high....I figured
he would jump on the big crock, on the 
hearth, and get up there.  He is a little
Well, I need to get outside and get some
of my make overs painted, the weather
has been, either cold or rainy, since I got
it all sanded.  

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Thanks for stopping by....

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. I love your holiday decor..;) have a wonderful wednesday.:)

  2. That Chum! He sounds like a little rascal. LOL. But I love how you have everything decorated Karen. And that hutch you made over is really awesome. I just love the color.

    Have a great hump day!


  3. Hey Girl,
    Your doing better than me.... My everyday decor will have to do for this year. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who decorates to suit the cats! I have pulled out a christmas tree and have just left it in the bedroom, you guessed it....Skippy has upended it three times so far! Now he lays down and tries to scratch just the bottom three inches while looking at me as if to say "See, It's not falling now"
    Snot Faces Mom....Tisha

  4. Karen, I put my bittersweet outside in a black kettle because I was afraid my cats would get into it! I've heard it is poisonous to them?? Is that true - not sure but didn't want to take a chance. ~Ann

  5. Hi Karen, everything looks great!! I am so ready to decorate for Christmas but it will be after Thanksgiving for me too. I am going to put a tree in my bedroom and if I get time I might put it up but the living room will stay until after my kids are here for Thanksgiving. Even if I wanted to I don't have time with all the cooking I have to do.8-)
    I can't wait for you to get your farm table, that is what I want someday too. But for now this table works and looks better than the other one I had. I need to be THANKFUL!!8-)

  6. Looks good Karen!! Love the pic on your fireplace!

  7. Hey everyone, thanks! I just noticed that
    I posted the wrong pic of the fireplace!
    I should have posted the pic with the houses
    to the right of the picture....I will have
    to go find it! Thanks for stopping by!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  8. Everything looks so nice! Looks like you're ready for Turkey Day.
    I love your bear w/the pumpkins.

    I like to wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to decorate for Chr. too.


  9. I remember when Tate was just a puppy. We didn't have any ornaments on the bottom 3' of our tree. He ate or chewed up everything he could get ahold of. Now our dogs have their own room, but they are too 'mature' to do that stuff any more! lol

  10. Love your Fall decorations!! Everything looks wonderful!!

  11. Good choice on the bittersweet. It is poisonous to dogs and cats. I put mine on the mantle and entertainment center but I have a dog that can't get that high, thank goodness. He gets into enough stuff on the ground, it would drive me crazy if he got into things higher up too. I don't think a cat would be good for me to have, lol!

    I love all your fall decor! Isn't it amazing how a few touches of oranges, browns, golds, and reds can really change the look of a room?


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