Monday, February 28, 2011

Changing Tables

Good evening to my blogging friends...
I have been pretty busy, this past 
week, getting ready for company. We 
really enjoyed having them here, for
the weekend!  My family is spread 
out, all over the USA, so it is so good
to get together, when some of us can.
I have to tell ya that I have the best
brother in the world! He took an old
table, that I had and made it bigger
and put a new top on it!  It turned out

This is my dining room table, that I
had been using....We moved it into the
living room and I put a throw on it, 
because Chum thinks it is his, to sleep on.

Here are the old legs, from the table,
that I had in Texas, with the new top!
It is about the same size, as the round 
one, with two leaves in it, but it is so
sturdy!  I am going to paint the frame 
and the legs, black....

He put edges on it, like an old cutting
 board, just like I wanted and he even 
put pegs through them, into the
table top...I love this table, so much and
he did a fantastic job on it, just for his 
baby sister.  He is the best brother, that
any gal, could ask for!  He probably 
won't see this, but thank you, big 
brother, you are the best!

I hope you all are safe, I know there were
tornadoes, last night....We were under a 
watch, during the night...I have a noaa
weather radio, now I can go to bed, when
there is bad weather, knowing that it will
warn me if a watch changes to a warning.
It about scares it out of ya, when it goes 
off, while you are sleeping, but it's worth
the peace of mind.  I used to stay up, half
the night, when there were storms...Now
I don't have to....Check into them, I have
one that has a battery back up.

Well, that is all for tonight....Thanks
for stopping by!
Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. wow Karen that table is fantastic..what a wonderful brother to do that for you..can't wait to see it all your centerpiece too;)

  2. Looks Great!I keep hintin to my ol man that we need a new one,seen a nice set at sams club.pretty cheap too.I cant wait ti see it painted.Looks like chum got a bigger sleeping a great week sweetie.Did u see I got my giveaway going?come see.blessings michelle

  3. You are so lucky to have a brother that will do that for you. I know you love him and the table! It is a beautiful one, that's for sure.
    betty, through my back door

  4. Karen, your table re-do is beautiful! Glad to know you are safe. Wild weather everywhere-it seems to hop and skip around the country.
    Blessings to you,

  5. Hi Karen, wow, your brother sure did a fantastic job on that table. You will cherish it always. I really like your idea of painting the base black, think it will look great...Blessings, Traci

  6. Wow Karen, he did a great job!! Does he need another sister, cause I am available!!


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