Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Times!

Hello everyone, I just got back from
Texas, last night....I went down on 
Monday with plans on meeting with
Melissa of "MsPrimNCountry" and
Lorna of "Live Oak Primitive 
Peddler"......Well, let me tell ya that
I think there was a conspiracy going 
on to keep me from being able to meet
them!  It was about  73 degrees on 
Monday that night, it rained and then
we had freezing rain and sleet. I stayed
in the house on Tuesday and Wednesday
I ventured out to visit some neighbors,
plus go to town.....Lorna and I were going
to meet on Tuesday, well we postponed 
it until Wednesday and then it was so cold,
we decided to meet on Friday.....Then we
found out it was going to snow!  It was in 
the teens at night and 20's during the day.
I talked to Melissa, to meet with her on 
Thursday and her family still had the flu!
So, I called Lorna and I headed out on 
Thursday....I was an hour later, than I was
going to be, because something came up,
but I was determined to get there, even if
I had to put skis on the van!  Well, I made
it and we only got to shop at one antique
place, but we both got some great stuff!

Here are all the goodies, that we got and
we had so much fun!  We laughed and 
laughed and laughed!  I got the things
on the left and Lorna got the things on 
the right side....These little cuties are
Lorna's granddaughters, prim decoraters
in the making!  They love how grandma
decorates her home, so I am sure they will
be collecting prims when they grow up.
Go on over to Lorna's to read more about
our short adventure!  I will have to make
another trip to Texas, as soon as it warms
up, so Melissa and I can meet up and have
some fun!  It may sound like nothing to be
in the teens and twenties, but for TX, that
is cold, in fact, they say it is the coldest it
has been for 15 or 16 years!  Brrrrr....I 
can't wait until it warms up!  It snowed 
last night, and we have several inches, so 
it is a good thing I came on home...I don't
like being out on the road at night, but I 
got home a little past 7:30, so it wasn't too
bad and there wasn't much traffic......

Well, I didn't get time to post before I 
left.....I had a little disaster!  I bumped
the cutting board on the counter, it in turn
knocked off a big storage jar full of flour,
a jar of popcorn and a cookie jar, full of
cookie cutters off the back of the counter!
They hit my two big crocks and one of them
broke, along with the jar of flour and the
cookie jar!  The flour jar fell into the big
crock, it broke out a hunk from the side 
of it and also put a hole in the bottom...
It just made me sick!  I just got that big
crock, this Fall.....I guess I will glue the
big hunk back in it and just keep it....Well,
I better get to crafting, since I haven't been
able to do any, all week.  I didn't take any
thing to work on, because I figured I would
be gone all the time, having fun!

Lorna gave me some wonderful things,
so I will post them, soon!  She is such a
sweetie, I just love her and I am looking
forward to having more visits, with her.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Karen you are a winner at Folk Art From The Harbor come by and claim your prize =) Hugs BeCca

  2. Talk about an up and down week! You found some awesome things on your trip to the antique store! Sorry about your mishap with the crock. We've all been there, and it does make you feel sick when it happens.

  3. How fun to spend a day with lorna! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. oh I love that big firkin..I want it just don't see them here..glad you got to meet up with her..and that you got home safely.;)

  5. How fun to meet up with Lorna....looks like you both found some great goodies!


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