Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blues Around The House

Hey everyone, I didn't get time 
to post more of the blues around
the house, before I left for Texas,
so here they are....

 All the pitchers, above are sitting on a
shelf, above the French doors, that needs
to be painted. I haven't decided what 
color I want to paint the trim, so it is
has to wait until I paint the trim. The 
guy who put the trim up, put some kind
of filler over the nail heads, but didn't
paint over them, so they show as 
smudges in the pictures...GGGRRR!

I cropped the picture, above and it
cut off an aqua colored cup, on the right.
These are arranged like this, normally,
I put some from the lower shelves on top
for the picture.

My Mom gave me the Pepsi 
thermometer about 15 yrs ago,
she had it hanging outside, on a tree.

The large crock was shipped to me,
all the way from Germany, it's a 

I bought this little pie plate in Kansas,
when we went up to my brother's for

 I am more of a "red" person, than a 
"blue" but those blue treasures, just keep 
sneaking in! So, if you haven't shown 
your "blues"...
What ya waiting for? 

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Love all your blues! Funny I dont decorate much with blue but I do have a few things as well!

  2. hi, Karen!
    Beautiful blues! I really like the pie plate & the pepsi thermometer!
    enjoy the day

  3. I am a fanatic pitcher collector and I LOVE all yours! Beautiful things, Karen!

  4. You've definitely got the blues Karen! I love the crocks and pitchers best. I really should start collecting something like that.

  5. Karen I like all your blues, but that big crock from Germany is spectacular! I am with you on the reds. I posted mine last week.

  6. I just love the Pepsi Thermometer.. I'm a pepsiholic! So its way cool!!
    I could be wrong but I think you like Blue..Smile very nice!!


  7. Hey Karen, love the blues!! I've never been a blue person either but am now liking blue. I made two blue bonnets while in Bullard in fact. I love the crock, what a treasure!! And pepsi thermometer, too cool.
    Snow on the ground this morning, but not much.

  8. Hi Karen, Thanks for following my blog. I have never been on your blog. I love blue, I am using more of it lately. I especially love the crocks with the blue designs. Vicky

  9. Hi Karen.....
    You have a good eye there for blue :-) x x x


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Bear Hugs~Karen