Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Treasures

Hey everyone, I thought I would
show you all the prairie doll and 
a wooden treasure I got, last week,
on the way to Texas.

She is huge! I measured her, after I
got home and she is about 28" from 
head to foot and about 38" from the 
top of her bonnet to the bottom of her
dress.  There is a smudge on her dress,
that looks like it might be paint, but 
I'm planning on making her an apron, to 
cover it up and I will be taking off a 
lot of the lace, on her dress....

I found this long scoop to hang on the
wall, but I don't know if I will put a 
candle in it, or paint it and put it on 
my selling blog, when I get it started

Well, I need to get to work on some
thing, I haven gotten much done, 
since I got home.

I hope you all are staying safe and 
warm...Thanks for stopping by

Until next time... 

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Karen
    the doll is huge, oh, she will look so cute with a new prim apron!

  2. I still can't believe you didn't come visit me! LOL. I'm just kiddin. I love the doll. She is too cute. I can never find stuff like that over here. I can't wait to see how you are going to finish her up.


  3. Great finds!! Love your pics! Just wanted to thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog regarding Michael and Celena. You are so sweet! Oh I love your picture on here at the header of the bear and beautiful candle light!Thanks so much for following my blog and taking time to leave a comment! It brightens up my day. God bless hon and take care!!

  4. Hi there Karen! great finds.
    Hope it's warming up in your neck of the woods. I'm ready for spring!

  5. Hey Karen, love that long scoop!! My phones have been out for over two days!! Goin a little crazy here.8-) The sun is shining though!!


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