Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Of The Blues

Hello friends, I hope you all are
staying warm...It has sure been cold
here!  It was in the 20's all day, 
yesterday and it got down to 14 deg.
last night....Brrrrr!  We got about 
6 inches of snow over the weekend
and it is melting today, for it is up 
in the higher 30's....Great!

I wanted to show you the other blue
and white dishes I have collected.

The lighter blue plate, is "Oriental
Garden"  is  by Myott Meakin  and
is made in Staffordshire, England.
The smaller, dark blue plate on the 
upper right is a Bicentennial plate
awarded to Avon representatives,
made exclusively for Avon, by Enoch
Wedgewood.  I have found that there 
is another one to go with this plate.
I came across a set of them, awhile 
back, but I didn't want both of them
and they were being sold as a set, only.
I put the picture in twice, so you don't
have to scroll back so far, if you want
to keep taking a look at the picture.

The saucer below it, is "Royal Homes
of Britain"....I picked it up, where I got
the sugar and creamer to my set.
The next saucer to the left is, "Liberty
Blue" color, I assume, from the set
"Historic Colonial Scenes" and it has
"Old North Church" on it, also made
in England.The last dish on the left,
has a sticker label and was made in 

Above, you will see two demi-tasse cups,
I am sure I didn't spell that right....I found
6 of them, awhile back, but I didn't get them
because I bought these to use for putting a 
single rose in.....Next to that, is a mustard
jar, I do believe it is from Germany, from 
the writing on it. The cup next to that has 
a windmill on it and it says "English 
Ironstone"...I couldn't tell what town, but
it has England on it, also...Can you tell 
that I like things from England? The 
blue and white pitcher was made in Japan.

 Close up of the two....

I have quite a few white ironstone 
pitchers, of different sizes....This is 
something you can do with pitchers
and saucers.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing the rest
of my blue and white dishes. I do have a
tiny little pitcher, that didn't get in the 
pictures, but I will make sure that it
gets in with my pitchers, when I show
you all, them.

Until next time....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Hi Karen, those are all so pretty. I love it with the white pitcher.
    It is a little warmer here today, 40 instead of 35, but that is a little.8-) The 20's is cold!!
    Stay warm and toasty!!

  2. Karen
    Beautiful Blues!
    Cold cold>>snow snow Yep it is January isn't it!Keep warm & safe!

  3. Hi Karen!
    your collection of blue and white dishes are wonderful. We're finally having a heat wave of sorts!
    It was 24 this morning at 5:30, the warmest it's been in two weeks. Now all the snow and ice is melting and sliding off our metal roof! What a racket it made when it hit the ground!!!!
    Wild weather everywhere.
    Stay warm.

  4. These dishes are also beautiful Karen! Love the white pitcher with the blue/white plate - looks lovely!

  5. Hey Karen..where are you going to display this wonderful collection.;)

  6. Love all the Blue and White, I also have a
    small collections.. Thanks for sharing

  7. Those are so pretty!looks like you may need a new prim cabinet to diplay those beautys!have a great night.blessings michelle

  8. Beautiful Karen! My favorites are the little pieces. I especially love the little ironstone pitchers sitting on the little blue plates... so adorable!! It really brings out the blue in the plates and also the curves of the pitcher. Striking!

  9. Karen, Your blue dishes are so pretty. I love blue! Always have, always will. Thanks for visiting me, as always, and entering my giveaway. ~Ann


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