Monday, January 10, 2011

I've Got The Blues! I'm Talking Dishes, That Is!

Gee, I can't believe that it has been 
almost a week, since I last posted!  
The time just flies by when you are
doing other things....I said that I would
start showing you all, some of my 
collections,  so I will start with some 
of the blue  and white dishes I have 
gotten, so far.

Here is one setting of the dishes, called
"Historical Ports of England"....I got a few
plates, some cake plates, cups and saucers,
to start out with and I have been hunting 
for them for about a year and a half, I 
I found the gravy boat in TX, then later, 
some plates in TX....I got 4 cups in another 
place in TX, then some plates and saucers 
in Kansas, and the last things I found, 
were the sugar and creamer, one has a 
crack.....But, I don't care, these dishes 
are hard to find!
So, far I have at least 8 of all the dishes, 
except for the bread or dessert plate, which
I only have six....So, I will still be hunting 
for them....Oh, the thrill of the hunt!  I have
decided to quit buying some of the things,
that I have collected.....Getting way too 
much to dust!

This is the back of the plate, which has
"The port of Bristol"...

                                Close up of the plate....

The cup and saucer, has the "Port
of Hull" on it.

In this first picture, again, you will see
that cake or bread plate are the same
scene, the berry bowl only shows part
of it....They are both "Port of Plymouth."

 I can tell that this gravy boat is really 
old,and it has a different label on the 
bottom, as do the berry bowls and the 
sugar and creamer.
The newer ones have a ribbon across the 
ship with the port name in it, where as the 
older ones do not have the ribbon, the
port is written under the ship. I have a few 
more blue and white dishes, that do not
go with the set, but I liked them....I will
show you them, on the next post.

We got several inches of snow and Chum
didn't know what to think about it!  He 
went out and huddled under the bird
feeder.  He does not like the cold, if he
goes out and it is cold, he wants back in
and he is not too fond of the snow, either.
He was just out when hubby was filling
the bird feeder and he was scratching on
the windows of the French doors, wanting
back in the house.

I hope you all are careful if you have to 
go out in the snow and ice.  We have some
ice under the snow and I am staying home.

Until next time....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Hi Karen,
    Your dishes are really beautiful! I love the color combo!
    My MIL collects dishes too and over the yrs. she has gotten me into a bit as well. Always fun finding pieces to match.

    Have fun!

  2. Hey Karen, I just sent you an email and then saw you had posted. Love those dishes!! I have always thought those were so pretty!! Never had any though. Good luck on finding the others you need!!
    I'm with Chum, I do not like the cold.8-)

  3. That is a beautiful set!! Do you leave them out all the time or keep them in a hutch? Every time I see them in an antique store, I always admire them for their beauty but I've never bought one. I sure don't need another collection. =]

    Beautiful, Karen!

  4. Hi Karen, I don't think there is anything more beautiful than blue dishes especially when matched with lovely homespun linens! Very pretty.

  5. Your dishes are beautiful Karen. I wouldn't mind having the complete set myself. I wish you luck finding the pieces you need to complete yours. I too am with Chum. I do not like snow and I especially hate being cold. I should live in the south maybe!

  6. Hi Karen - your dinnerware is beautiful! It reminds me so much of dinnerware that my grandmother used to own. They were also blue & white and showed men and women dressed in the style of George Washington.
    Hey - I can't seem to find your email addy, so wanted to let you know that your Hannah & Her Heart doll are on their way to Oklahoma!


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