Monday, January 24, 2011

Brenda's Give Away!

Hello everyone, I had intended on 
posting some more of my pottery
or my dishes, but I had to tell you 
all about Brenda's give away, she
has added two more prizes to her
give away, for the month! The first
person drawn, gets their choice of
which prize she wants and the 
second, gets her choice of the other
two and the third winner gets what
ever is left! 

The choices are this rabbit, 
Brenda made and the hearts...

This adorable bunny on spools....

 And this gift card to use for 
Brenda's creations!

Go on over to The Rusty Thimble
to sign up, if you haven't already!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Good Morning Karen thank you so much for sharing about the giveaway

  2. Morning Karen,
    Well I for one can testify about the beautiful quality of Brneda's designs and talent.
    Last year around Easter time I won one of her Rabbits (similar to the one in the give-away) and it's my favorite Easter decoration.
    The wool she uses is sooooo prim and the detail - oh I could go on.
    So anyone not entering will be loosing out big time.


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