Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Old Rug Tool and Lime Squeezer

 Hey everyone, I thought I would
show you all this lemon or lime
squeezer and an old rug hooking  
tool, that I got this Fall...

A closer view...

I assume that you use yarn with this 
tool....I would love to learn to do this, one
of these days....I think I will find me some
supplies and get started....I want to do 
some needle punch, also.  I have a couple
books on rug hooking, so I just need to
find me a cutter to do the strips, since I
have been collecting wool, so I will have
some, to start with.
Well, that's it for today...I will show 
you the cute doll, I got from Denise
at KKL Primitives, on my next post
and then I will show you all some more
of my dishes. 

I want to thank you all for your 
sweet comments, and for taking time 
out of your day, to read my  blog.

Until next time....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Karen
    Neat finds! I would have no idea what the squeezer was, so thanks now if I see one I will know, I might be wanting one of them!
    thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, I have that same rug hook, right on my desk! I love my little primitive finds.
    Have a great day!

  3. Ah yes, I love 'em both. Real nice finds gal. Oh boy, I've done punch needle before and it's easy, but hold on to your eyes...lol. I just stand back and want a hooked rug. I've never tried that before and praise anyone who has. They're beautiful:)

  4. Hi Karen, Do you have a rotary cutter? I use mine to cut my strips for rug hooking. Now mind you, I don't do all that much and I classify myself as a beginner, but I can work with the rotary cutter vs. $200+ for a cutter. ~Ann

  5. Hi Karen, neat finds!! I just love old gadgets.
    I want to do some rug hooking too, one more thing on my want to learn list. It just grows and grows!!

  6. Cool! I wouldn't have known what either one was! Best wishes on your rug hooking. I've thought about it many times over the years, but that's as far I get, lol! Maybe when the kiddos are gone and I have more time I might pick it up.


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