Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Curtains~

Wow, I can't believe it has been a week since I posted,
the week flew by! I made these curtains for the French
doors, I got tired of opening and closing the curtains to
go out the back door...They are red/tan checked and
are being held on top and bottom by curtain rods with
magnets in them.....I was surprised at how well they

To the right you can see the little hutch, we
brought it back in from the patio for the night, I painted
it out there on Saturday, giving it two coats of black...
On the back I painted some of my acrylic paints to
see what color I might like for a top coat.....Some were
too yellow & some too pink. I went into the bedroom
and got the color samples I had hanging on the wall for
picking a color for in there.... ..We came up with one
we might like, so off to the store tomorrow for paint.
And since I used the board I had for the shelf over the
doors, on the hutch, now I have to go get another one....
make that two, I know another place I want a shelf...I
could use one for my cast iron banks, I only have part
of them out....I guess I better add that to my list on the
side of things I collect.

Well, I didn't get accepted
intothe festival, I was put
on a waiting list in case
someone does cancel.....
But they didn't say how
far down the list I am....
That doesn't do me any
good.....If they called me
a week before, I couldn't
get enough done to go
anyway. It's not like I have
a business and have a store
full, that I could just load
up and go. There are a couple
small festivals that I can probably
do if I want to....I guess that's it for
tonight, I will post some pictures
of my little hutch after
I get it painted and decorated....Can't
wait to get it done....Oh, and I have more
curtains to make, too, that should keep
me busy this week....Besides reading blogs....
I spend too much time doing that,
but oh well....It's lots of fun!
Until next time....
Bear Hugs~Karen

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  1. Hey! Your curtains are cute!
    Don't feel down about not getting in to that craft show....We've had that to happen to us with the concession business and festivals...we know that just means that the Lord will open another door somewhere else!

    Have a good day!


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