Thursday, August 6, 2009

I like painting something to put on a door hanger or a wreath...


  1. Karen your blog is looking great.. and you ornies are great!! If you have questions I'll try to help all I can.. keep up the great work!!


  2. Great stuff. You can put more than one picture on a post if you want. I usually do three at a time as blogger can be slow. When you click on the logo to add pictures, then you click on Browse. After you find a picture you end up back on that page, and click on add an image and then click on browse again. I do that three times. Blogger will let you do 5 at a time, but I find that it take forever to upload. So after the 3 pictures are uploaded, I then do the process again if I want more than 3 pictures on my post. After I have uploaded my pictures, then I start typing my text. If there is a lot of empty space between text and pictures and so on, then I hit the delete key very carefully until I have reduced some of that white space.

    Hope that helps in understanding how blogger works. Oh and one more thing, choose the picture in reverse order of how you want to talk about them. Blogger uploads them backwards from the order you would expect them to be in.


  3. Thank you, I appreciate your help and compliments...I have been busy trying
    get things done before the deadline for
    the Fall Festival..So, I haven't taken
    the time to play with it more. Thanks to
    all for making me feel welcome...

    Bear Hugs~Karen


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