Sunday, August 23, 2009

What We Have Been Working On & Bubba

Hope ya all had a good weekend, I was busy helping my
hubby make me a hutch, I'll show it to you farther down
the post. He did the cutting and I did all the sanding and
we both put it together. He said if I drew out how I wanted
it, he would make it....

Time is sure flying by, I better get back to painting, I haven't
even sprayed that plate I painted yet, just been too busy reading
blogs, though I did pack up the craft stuff I had done to get it
out of my way....I need to make the curtains I want, soon....

I want ya to meet Bubba, he's the biggest bear in my collection
of Boyd's Bears! I have a lot of small ones and a couple big ones...
I had to quit collecting because I ran out of room.....I wish I could
get him to clean house, but he's too lazy....He's heavy and I can't
get my arms all the way around him, he's so big, especially in the
rear....I would say he is pear shaped! I make fudge and other
candy before Christmas to give away and he has gone with me to
deliver it. He sits in the passenger seat and even wears a Santa hat!
Oh, his seat belt too, in case you were wondering....People laugh,
they think he is so cute.......They probably think I am nuts, so that
is where I came up with my blog name.....Barely There? I guess I
am a little kooky.......But that's ok, if you take everything too serious
and don't know how to laugh and have fun, then you would be called
an old stick in the mud.....OH NO, I don't want to be called that!
Ta da, below is the little hutch, I hope it looks good after I get
it all painted and decorated with crocks....It is hard to arrange
furniture in my living room, it is L shaped because it takes up
what was once a garage, and the former living room. There is a
fireplace on the end wall...This sits in the original part....

There is a shelf above this picture and the picture will now
have to me moved up, or put somewhere else. It can only go
up a little, so I might have to move it, the hutch if 5' tall and
over 3' wide....The board in the opening is for support, we
can take it out if we move back to Texas and want a shelf in
it and a back on it.
We have a gas heater on the wall in the living room,
that the former owner put in, after a big ice storm. It
isn't centered on the wall, between the corner and the
opening to the kitchen, but the hutch is.... I don't like
the looks of it but we use it some in the winter. I came
up with this idea of making this, without a back, to hide
it. It worked out pretty good, but I have a bent hinge and
I need to find another to replace it with and get some
knobs for the doors. The reason it has some primed
wood on it is because we used a board I had ready to
paint to use for a shelf over the french doors in the
dining room. I haven't decided what color I want to
paint it, base coat will be black and then, either barn
red, mustard or a taupe over that....I am going to
change the wall color in most of the house, it is an
antique white, I think....Again something the previous
owner had done....Tomorrow I am going to buy paint!
I told hubby that I want a chimney cupboard next! I better
wait, he has a big yard to mow every weekend and wood
working isn't high on his list of fun things to do. He just
does it for me, he would rather be reading....

Until Next Time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments! I love the cupboard and also your plate. i have done a few using the plastic plates!

  2. Hey Karen!
    Your cabinet is really nice!
    I am anxious to see how you are going to finish it out & decorate it!
    Love the bear!! He's a big ol' boy isn't he?

    Welcome to Blogland!!


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