Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Painting & Sewing

Hello, Everyone, I have been pretty busy with
the crafting and have only been reading the blogs
and going back to painting or sewing....Time sure
flies when you are having fun! Hubby is taking the
application with him tomorrow, so I can chill out
some and wait for a couple weeks to hear whether
or not I've been accepted. I am like a lot of you out
there, Fall is my favorite season! Pumkins, scarecrows,
mums, corn stalks, all look so good out in the yard.
We have a beautiful state park near here that DH and
I like to go walking in and the best time of the year is
FALL! There is a big lake and a river with camp grounds
for RVS or tents, a marina for boats and houseboats,
paddleboats for you to rent....I think I will try those, one
of these days , but it would be just my luck to be out in the
middle of the lake and have my legs cramp up and not be
able to peddle back! I am not sure, but I think they only
use them on the river, but still, you would have to be able
to get to the landing.....I could just see me yelling for help!
On that thought, I had better make sure hubby goes with
me to peddle me back, just in case.....Oh, they have lots of
deer in the park and you can get close to them and a little
train for the kids to ride.....I can't wait for it to cool off!
Below are some more pictures of some of the stuff I have
done, I didn't really like painting bald santas on the wooden
eggs, so I came up with the little scarecrows.....I also drew
the bigger one to put together....I think I will make his head
a little narrower on the next one, his hat is too tight...I guess
that's ok, because we all know he won't get a headache!

I am taking a break from crafting so I can clean up my mess!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

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  1. Karen, your blog is looking great!!! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you...disaster in my kitchen...lol..just a broken stove, but lots for running around just for that!!! Love all your things, they all look great. I don't have any pillows done right now that I have here but should soon, I'll shoot you a picture when I do!! Thanks for checking in on me.. Keep up the great work!! Hugs.


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