Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pictures Of My Home

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Good evening, friends....I thought I would post
some pictures of my living room since I can't post
about the crafts I am doing. I don't want my swap
partner to see them on here....Many of you know
that I collect Boyd's bears, and toys for them. I
love to display them all over the house! I know,
I know, that just means more things to dust....
I love this print I got a few years ago in an
antique mall I would like to find some more prints,
but I don't know where I would hang them.

I have shutters standing in the windows to keep

the sun from shining in from my van onto the

tv, this part of the living room used to be a garage.

Just ignore the dirty glass on the fireplace, I
know it needs cleaning on the inside, but I can't
remember to do it, until I see it in the picture. I
would like to take it off, or paint a fire screen
to cover it up. The print on the fireplace is a
Warren Kimble print that I got at the fleamarket
in Texas this summer....

In this part of the living room, the tape and bedding
job needs to be done over, who ever did it didn't do
a very good job! I will have to redo them one of these
days, but there is a lot of stuff to move to do it.....I
don't know if the paint that was left here,when we
moved in, is any good and I don't want to paint this
thing over....

These bears are in the original part of the living
room, across from them is an oak table that
big Bubba was sitting at before, then the little
cabinet we made is to the right of that. I will
take some more pictures of the living room
again, so you can see I have tree posts! Not
porch posts, tree posts in my house! The
guy who lived here before, loved the "Lodge"
look, I guess.

That's it for tonight, I need to get to bed! Thanks
for stopping by, I really appreciate the new friends
I have made, since I started this journey.....It has
been so much fun seeing what everybody else has
been up to, what they are making, how they are
decorating, what they are re-doing and all the
helpful hints. I know bloggers are a great bunch!!!

Thanks for making me welcome!

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Oh what a cozy and warm home you have created!
    Another thing we have in common, we're book people! :)

  2. Your home is great Karen, so inviting!!! Love all the bears and books!!! I updated my blog finally, go take a peek!!! Hugs!!


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