Monday, November 16, 2009

Last Post of Vacation Pictures

Good Morning! I thought I would post these pictures
that I took from the plane on the way back from Oregon.
This one was taken not long after take off so I am sure it
is over Oregon...The pilot told us what states we would
be flying over.

I believe this is over Colorado, I think the mountains
are so pretty cover with snow. I have some of Utah,
but the rest of these pictures are so different, I thought
I would post them, instead.

I don't know where this is, I thought maybe New
Mexico....I am not sure....

Where ever this is, it looks awesome from the air!

These 3 pictures were all taken close to each
other.....Isn't this planet we live on beautiful?

That is all of the pictures of my vacation that I am
going to post, I think I better get to painting and
sewing so I can get my Christmas swap things done.
I sure have been busy the last 3 days, on other
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. What pretty pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog! Love seeing you visit!

  2. Wow Karen, those photos are super! I have never been ( :D nor do I care to ) in a plane and mostly the kinds of photos I have seen are all clouds. Thanks so much for sharing these and for writing such an encouraging comment in my blog and the link to another Michigan're the best!

  3. had a gorgeous day for flying! Great photos! Did you get a good view of Mt. Hood or Mt. Saint Helen when you took off? Be glad you aren't out here now. We have a huge storm all along the northern west coast. Loving it! hehehe! ~~Annie

  4. Thank you ladies for the nice comments on
    my pictures! I know they aren't the
    best, but I like taking them. I got
    part of a rainbow on take off, I should
    have posted it, but it wasn't the greatest.

    Bear Hugs~Karen


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