Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Pictures in the Park~

Here's some more pictures I took in the park,
yesterday....It is really nice out there to walk
and enjoy the wild life as long as it doesn't include
any snakes! I didn't see any and that is a GOOD

Old hollow tree, back in the woods

Tree roots growing on top of the ground

The creek we crossed over

Farther down the creek and on the other side

We had to cross over the creek on some
stones and it is hard to keep your balance
on slanted rocks that are wet, but we got
across. I got one foot wet on the way back
across. The trail we took, goes back in there
quite a ways, it's over a mile long. We went
over bridges, logs, down steep slants, over
roots and lots of rocks! You have to watch
where you are putting your feet at all times.
Plus, you have to be on the lookout for snakes!
It's a lot of exercise, I can tell ya that, we were
out there walking for two hours and I was
getting hot before we got back to the van....
Hope you enjoy the pictures, I took a lot of
them, but I won't post them all....It would
take all night!

Hope everyone had a great weekend~

Bear Hugs~Karen

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