Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bears & My Patriotic Room~

Good day to everyone, hope you all are having a great
week and thanks for stopping by. I would like to share
with you all, my "Patriotic Room" and some of my bears.
I have many more, they are all over the living room
and in the computer room....I said on another post that
I would show some pictures of my home. I have always
had antiques, but I am just getting more "Prim." I love
the way everyone decorates their homes and that has
inspired me to do more....But, I don't think all the bears
I have, fit in with it all, but I don't want to get rid of them.
You can't see the whole room, but this gives you an idea
of how I decorated the whole house in Texas when I was
there. I got tired of red/white/blue all over the house....
The living room is red, the trim and mantel is soft white
and the tab curtains are navy blue....I never thought
I would get tired of it, but I did, so here it is mostly all
in the spare bedroom....I really enjoy the pictures that
everyone posts of their homes, so thought I would share
a part of mine with ya all today......I have a border to
put up and some pictures to hang....
Hope you enjoy it!

Hope ya all have a great day!

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. I loved visiting your blog!!!...Your cabinet in the other post is wonderful...Your bedroom is so cute!!!...I also have a collection of Boyd bears that I had to put up when Luke was born because they were in his room and I knew someday soon he's be pulling them all down every chance he got...Now he's at that age and I know they'd stay in the floor all the time,so I guess they will be saved for my grandkids....He does have a few on a shelf high up...~~take care!....hugs,Jen

  2. Oh my giddy aunt, you... are... a serious Boyd's Bear gal. That is awesome! I'm impressed, wow.
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely things with us.

  3. Hi Karen! Thanks for visiting my blog! I just love meeting new blog friends. I love your cabinet,and your bedroom is adorable!

  4. Love your patriotic bedroom Karen - looks great!!
    And all those bears............WOW!!! Awesome collection.

  5. Thanks Karen! I have to tell you I love your bears. I have quite a few myself, their faces are totally addicting! I look forward to following your blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Wow! What a nice collection of bears! Love the red white and blue bedroom! Can't wait to see more pics of your home! ~~Annie

  7. Thank you ladies for all the lovely comments!
    I will share more pictures of my bears and my house on future posts.

    Bear Hugs to all~Karen


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Bear Hugs~Karen