Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And More Crocks!

Good Afternoon, hope everyone is having a great
day! I took some more pictures of my crock
collection for ya'll to see.....This is about all of
them, there are still a few here and there, plus
a butter churn....I think I need to quit collecting
them, every time I dust! But they give my home
the feel that I like....I have always thought that
I live in the wrong century, I should have been
living in the late 1800's! But then, only if I was
rich! With my luck, I would have been a scullery

I enjoy collecting and going out to places
to find it all....Once in awhile you have to say
"Where am I going to put it when I get it home?"
That question helps you walk off from something
you think is cute, rustic, or primitive that you
think you need, which you really don't! We buy
more little things and not furniture because we
don't have the room.....But I might find a piece
of furniture, one of these days, that I like better
than something I have, then I will have to sell
one to make room for it. I have an old Hoosier
type cabinet at my house in Texas that I would
like to bring up here, but I would have to take
my red china cabinet back down there, or sell it...
Decisions, decisions....I don't want to sell either
one of them....On with the pictures....I hope this
will post like I have it.....

Bench in dining room....The brown crock is
actually an ice bucket!

Crock Bench going into the kitchen...

Crocks on the left side of the fireplace...

I need to go finish the hutch...

That is what I will try to get done
this afternoon, if I can do something
with the color I got....It's cinnamon
and it looks kind of mauve over the
black! I think I will add some brown
or gold to the paint to see how it turns out.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Love your crocks..........thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Karen, Thanks for be in my blog. Love your crocks collection. It is amazing! Since now I will be a follower in your blog.

  3. Karen, it's official.. you're a crockaholic! :)

    What a great collection you have. I bought my first midwestern ( well..I'm assuming. ) crock a couple of weeks ago at an antique sale and I wish that I could find out something about the design on the front.

    Oh guess what, we have something else in common..Boyd's Bears, neat!


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