Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Baskets

Hey everyone, I hope you all
are having a great weekend! We
went to an auction, this morning
and got some things...I got a big
wash pan!....I need to clean it up,
then I can hang it in the laundry
room....I have some others, that 
we hung up recently, so I will take
a picture of all the goodies in there,
one of these days and post it.

Now to the title post....I found a 
couple baskets in the area, between
the cubbies full of books and the 
couch....I forgot about these when
I was taking pictures of the others.
 This isn't the greatest picture, I 
took it, after dark.

I got the one with the pine cones at
the flea market a year or so, ago and
the grapevine basket, I have had for a 
lot of years....I did have some magazines
in it, but I took them out, because Chum
would get under some of them and just
rock and roll! He is such a crazy
cat!  I have some pictures of him in it,
having fun.

I hope you all are having warmer temps
and lots of sunshine!  It said it was 83 deg.
when I called time and temperature....I 
hope it doesn't stay that warm, I like the
70's so much better.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. sounds like a good auction if you found something you were looking for! The baskets are both nice. Id love to see 83 degrees but at this point am just so glad to see the sunshine and no snow! Hope you have a great week! HUGS
    lil raggedy angie

  2. love your baskets..we had 51 degrees and sun is glorious here..supposed to be nice this whole week..hope it I can get out and take my walks..:)have a great rest of your weekend.:)

  3. Hi Karen, sounds like you struck gold at the auction. Looking forward to pics of the laundry room.... We were chilly here today, 20 degrees colder than yesterday and a few flakes in the air... Blessings, Traci

  4. Hey Karen, Can't wait to see the pics and the new washpan. Like your baskets too.
    We are in the low 80's here too. It won't be long until it is HOT, I am going to try not to whine. I said TRY.8-)


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