Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodies In The Mail

Hello everyone, I hope your week 
is off to a great start, I know it is for
me!  I made a comment on Linda
Parker's blog the other day about 
her Easter eggs and she asked for 
my address, to send me some. Well,
she not only sent me some eggs, but
she sent me a box full of wonderful
things!!!  I was so surprised when I
opened the box!

Here is what all was in the box....Four
ditty bags, of different colors and 
designs. I am working to change 
my kitchen over to sunflowers and 
crows and this sunflower seed bag, 
will be perfect!  She sent me a 
cute wooden bowl full of her 
wonderful eggs, 2 tea stained stars 
and several note cards, 
that I can use to put in packages,
to my friends.  She tucked in a 
wonderful card, with a bear on it, that 
she wrote a note to me, inside!   A bear, 
how appropriate, for this bear lover!
 If you haven't been over to her blog,
it's  Parker's Paradise, go on over and 
check it out, she posts menus for the 
week, wonderful things, that she finds 
at thrift stores, auctions and yard sales, 
plus what she makes over.  Go on over 
and tell her, Karen sent ya. I can't 
leave without saying how much I love 
and appreciate the things you sent me, 
Linda you are a thoughtful sweetheart!  
Thank you so very much!
I know that I am not the only one
that Linda has sent things to, just to
make their day, she is so generous 
and I am glad to have gotten to know 
her and call her my friend!
I have some things to share with you
all, that I got over the weekend, so be
on the look out for that and I have 
found out some information, that I 
needed to know and I will be selling
from my selling blog, soon.....And 
watch for that, you can click on the
bear on my sidebar to go to sign on
to follow.....

Until next time....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. I love all your goodies from Linda, she is a sweetheart!!!

  2. Karen,
    Linda is one of the sweetest gals out there, and her eggs are just precious ( I got some a cpl weeks ago) Bless her heart. People like her make blogging worth while! Enjoy your week and your treasures , nothing better than to start your week with smiles and love from a dear friend in the mail!
    lil raggedy angie

  3. Linda is so very sweet indeed. Just Saturday I got a very special handmade card from her in the mail. It totally made my day.
    Enjoy your new goodies Karen!

  4. You are so welcome, Karen!
    It is good to know my little projects are appreciated. I don't live in a very 'prim' conscious area, so I'm basically making stuff for my own satisfaction. I love doing it and I love making people smile!
    Yes, I did make the cards. They are just these chipboard pieces you buy and punch out from a sheet. I got them at Hobby Lobby along with some card blanks. Then you just put them on wherever they look good! Now the bear one--that is scrapbook paper and a really cute sticker I found. I knew it would be perfect for you! I do stamped ones, too. It's a fun thing to do while watching TV or chatting on the phone! Gotta stay busy and ahead of the 'old timers' thing!
    Warmest blessings to you, ★Linda★

  5. What wonderful goodies Linda sent you! You lucky gal!
    That was a very sweet thing for her to do :)

  6. Oh wow, what a wonderful surprise! Those are so pretty. Linda is certainly very talented and generous. :)


  7. What a nice box of goodies! Linda is such a sweetie. I know she spoiled me with her kindness and I can't thank her enough.

  8. isn't Linda just a sweetheart.she sent me some of those cloth eggs as a surprise too.;) love them..she is very generous indeed..can't wait to see what you picked up on your trip..;) have a great week..will get you that photo of the crows you wanted..;)


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